love and zombies everywere

A group of teenage kids figthing against zombies but they have a little problem when they find the x-boyfrien of the leader of the group 'cause she alresdy had found another person to give her love and he doesn't like it and that win his spirit and...


1. getting safe for the disaster

When the zombies get to our town (New York) we were at school and I saved every person I could but the first I saved it was my x-boyfriend but I have the obligation of save everyone and I could saved my boyfriend but my X was so jealous that he killed my boyfriend and I throw him against the floor and my best friends Leon and Fernanda stop me well Fer was pregnant 'cause she after the apocalypse stay with her boyfriend a week before I found her and happened what had to happen but it born sick and we didn't have a normal home just a campment and no meds so we instal into a prison in the oder state so...

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