Laura Spontel and the Flower of Truth

There are Four Oaks, from the Oak of Peace. The Flower of Truth, Candle of Friendship, Frame of Justice, and Teapot of Life Balance. Except, the Black-Eyed Susan wants unlimited power, if she can control the Four Oaks, all is lost for Anna Spontel and the rest of the Wizarding World.


1. Black - Eyed Susan

The powerful witch strode through the sky, not looking down, but with her chin posed in an indifferent 'I am in charge,' position. Her eyes were the darkest brown you could imagine, with an unmistakable yellow tint around the edges. Her nose was sharp, and mouth pressed in a thin line. An airplane passed over head. Black - Eyes Susan lifted her eyes so she read the airlines. Britain Express. She smirked and raised a particularly long wand and muttered a barley audible incantation.

"Aris Deav Kial," The plane started to spiral downward. She laughed a positively evil laugh that cut the cold air in half. The twinkling lights of Britain were shutting off at an amusing rate. She spun into a black dust and appeared a half a mile east of where she had been. She stood  under a tree looking at a small cottage with one light on in the back. She stepped forward and looked farther into the home. A mother sat reading a book stroking a small child's hair while she fell asleep. The girl's eyes closed and the mother put her book gingerly down and scooped up the sleeping lump. She walked to a room that was too the side and was in there for a few minutes then came back out. Sat down again and grabbed a bookmark and placed it in the book, reaching for a television remote. She glanced out the window where the Black - Eyed Susan now stood. Her eyes grew wide but shrunk again as the Black - Eyed Susan stepped back into darkness and turned to black dust again. The mother ran to the window then stepped back, alarmed. She walked back to the chair and turned off the television. She sat down and turned off the main light and turned on a smaller light and closed her eyes. 

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