forever's gonna start tonight

All Wilma want is a perfect summer vacation with her friends. But when her parents dicides to go on a holiday to Greece, Wilmas plans chance. But Wilma dosen´t want to go to greece, especially not with her boring parents. Instead Wilma go to her grandmother who lives in Cheshire/England, and she promised that she will help her grandmother with the bakery she works in. But Wilma dosen´t expect to meet someone. Someone that will mean the world for her.

It´s a fanfiction about true love.


1. The fight


     10.30 Stockholm:

 I hate them! Wilma ran up stairs to her room and slammed the door. I hate them, I thought.  All I   wanted to do this summer was to be home and be with my friends, but now I have to go to Cheshire all summer.  

"KNOCK KNOCK" (someone knocks at the door)

 I didn´t even respond before mum steps into the room.

 - Wilma i know  you don´t want to go to grandma, but now I have told her that you want to stay with  her all summer.

 I just looked at her without answering. After some quiet minutes, she leaves the room.

 I lay in my bed for hours and thought about my mom and the previous discussion.  After some  

 thinking I decided to make the best of it and go to grandma without a fight.

I started to pack my stuff in a big suitcase. I threw the clothes that I wanted  to have with me on the bed, and realized pretty quickly that i would need another suitcase. I folded a portion of my clothes in one suitcase and stuffed the rest of the clothes in the second. Finally I put my big makeup bag in the suitcase. I checked that I had packed my bikini, hair and toothbrush and my wallet. Then i went away to the airport! 



20.30 Cheshire/england

When I landed in Cheshire, I took the bus to grandma and grandpa. There`s a bus stop a couples of meters away from my grandparents house, so didn`t need to go so far. With suitcases in hand I started to go from the bus stop to the house. After a few meters, Skippy came rushing towards me. Skippy is my grandparents puppy and he´s just so adoreble! I bent down to greet him when I heard someone shout at him. Skippy,Skippy! I looked up saw grandpa standing a few meters away.  Grandpa!, I shouted and started to run towards him.  Wilma! he shouted and caught me in a big hug.  It started to rain and we ran in to the house. Grandma met me in the hall with a hot cup of tea in her hand. She huged me and gave me the tea cup. She begged me to sit down in the couch while grandpa went upstairs with my luggage.Throughout the evening, we sat and talked on the couch drinking tea. It was really really nice to sit and talk while it was raining outside. But when the clock was approaching twelve, I was tired and I went to bed.


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