Warhammer 40k: Chaos Space Marine

This was originally going to be a novel but I decided to put the first few chapters on Movellas and I will release a new one every month.


1. Redemption

The bolters hammered into my power armour as I advanced on the Orks. They had overrun our Imperial Bastion that we had stolen from the Dark Angels. Ork boyz poured out of the entrance to meet my squad of Chosen. We fired over-watch and bright balls of plasma whizzed through the air. Bolt guns spat out death and a Flamer burned all that came near. Half of the Boyz fell dead as they charged towards us. They reached us and we were ready. Force swords speared from their scabbards and they cut through the Orks as if they were made of paper. Another wave came, this time with three Ork Nobz (Short for noble). These were better armoured than the last lot. However the Defiler behind us took them out with ne shot from a Rail cannon. A squad of Ork war bikers roared out from behind the Bastion. A Land Raider rolled up behind us and blew half of them to bits with Havoc launchers. We fired our Plasma guns and Bolt guns as they fell back because another quarter of them died as they either was shot of crashed.

We advanced into the bastion and found Weird Boyz waiting for us with Burnas and Dakka-guns. Three of my squad fell as they fired upon us. We retaliated with Frag grenades and Plasma cannon. They were wiped out. We ran up a floor and there were 15 Pain Boyz this time. My chosen unleashed their Force swords upon them and within seconds the room was spattered with Ork blood. On the top floor, the battlements, the Havoc Launchers had taken care of all of the Orks but one Ork War-boss. I pulled out my Plasma pistol and shot it through the head.

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