as long as you love me

HI im Emma Constancio. you are probably freaking out right now yes im Andrew and Alex's sister they are the best brother's I can ever have I'm 16. MY BFF is Zack and Mallory.I'm always with the Crew. We live in a huge house i love my bedroom. My brother's are like my best friend's. I have a huge crush on Austin.


1. emm and austin

Alex:Emma Come down stairs

Emma: Okay be down there in a minute

 I went down stairs the crew was over,Mallory,all of the crew's best friend

Alex: Emma  go outside we have something to show you

I went outside I got a car

Alex: Going to the mall now does anybody want to come

Austin: I do

Emma:Okay lets go

On the way there

We listened to Justin Bieber

When we got there we got some Ice Cream

I got some Clothes

Austin: I got this

Emma: Aw  thank you we should head back the before my Brother's Worry you know how they are

When we got to my house i went up stairs Mallory was there with Mackenzie,Kailey,kennedi,Amy and Eden

Emma: Guys i had the best Time with Austin we got some Ice Cream and he bought me a dress

Them: aww so you really like him a lot


Austin's P.O.V

Austin:Guyz i like Emma a lot

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