That one look

Stella gets a job as a backup dancer for one direction!! She gets close with the boys and thier girlfriends and they become best friends, but one of the boys are the closest to her and they always eat and fool around together, Niall. The moment she looked in his beautiful blue eyes she felt a huge spark sensation go through her body but she always tried to just shake it off because she didn't know if it was a real love feeling and she didn't want to ruin their friendship. But little does she know Niall felt that spark too! now they both are getting advice from Liam and elounor and trying to tell each other . Then things get mixed up Niall things Stella likes Harry because they have been hanging out and Harry asks her out on a date. Harry felt a spark looking into her eyes and is making a move but is it a real spark or does Harry just want there to be a spark? What will happen in the end?


1. The look

Stella's p.o.v I got a job as a dancer for one direction. I was on my way to meet them and practice at a auditorium in London which was just down the street from my house so I walked. I opened the door and Paul was waiting to take me to the boys. I opened the door and saw Niall staring at me and I looked into his eyes and a million sparks went through my body. Niall's p.o.v we were getting a new dancer and I couldn't wait to meet her! The doors opened and a beautiful girl walked In and I looked in her eyes and a rush went through my body. The boys saw me smiling and they elbowed me and quietly laughed. Stella's p.o.v it was quiet for a while and a little awkward so I said,"my name is Stella and I'm your new dancer, I know your names but how old are each of you?"I'm 20,said zayn."19" said Harry. "21"said Louis. "nice to meet you, I'm 19, I turned tO Niall and he was just sitting there stating at me and smiling, "Niall is 19"liam said. Liam's p.o.v I could tell Niall liked Stella like, like liked her if you know what I mean. He was staring at her and smiling do I thought I would answer for him. Nialls p.o.v Stella what a great name! I was prepared to answer her question nicely but I just stared at her the whole time. Liam sneered for me I gave him a little thank you smile. Stella must have thought I was so stupid and she probably didn't like me I can't believe I did that. Stella's p.o.v for the rest of the day we practiced and talked we were already pretty close and we liked each other. I realized I really liked Niall he was so cute,funny and nice.I already knew elounor and Danielle we all met at a dance academy and were BFFs. That night we all went to a fancy restaurant for dinner and ... The dinner will be in the next chapter. I don't have any rules gor what you post in my comments unless it's mean!

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