My Life from now and on (sequel to one direction adopted me!!!!!!)MUST READ

Sequel to One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!- Andy got adopted by one direction and well things and life have their ups and downs like hills. Will Andy and the guys get through all thats happening. YOU NEED TO READ FIRST PART THEN THIS ONE TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!


1. The news

Andy's Point of View 


Kristin came to the house but daddy wasnt with her." Kristin where is my daddy?" i asked as she came to me. "Oh he must have traffic" she said "okay...." I said unsure why would they come in separate cars. Just then Kristin got me and started running to the door "Let me down Kristin!!!!!" i yelled so Zayn would hear me. then she put me down "Listen you are going to shut up and get in the car" She said what happened to her she used to be nice. I was trying to get out of her grip put she got me and slapped me right in the face thats when i heart a car drive up i looked to the driveway "DADDY!!!" i yelled but still couldnt get out of her grip. Thats when my dad got me and gave me to zayn and the last thing i saw was Kristin being taken away in the copes car.


Harry's Point of View


I went to go see if Andy was okay. I went inside and closed the door with lock. They were in the kitchen Louis was holding a ice bag on Andy's cheek where Kristin slapped her. "DADDY" she said while running to me i picked her up and kissed her where she had a big hand mark. "Are u okay cupcake?" i asked her "not really my cheek really hurts, what happened to Kristin she used to be so sweet and nice?" Andy said in between sniffs .she was crying."Well lets just say we weren't meant to be and well she wanted to hurt you"i said not giving her the full reason. It was getting late so i send Andy to put on her pjs and brush her teeth and come back to see a movie.


Zayn's Point of View


Andy was really hurt and im scared for her what if something else happens. I had to ask harry what really happened "Harry man what really happened" i asked "well we were baking cupcakes for Andy since her birthday is coming up and she told me she only wanted me for fame and money"he said not even teary. "im sorry man but how do you feel"Louis asked "never better" he said with a big smile i know he was not lying "What do you mean?"i said "well i was going to break up with her either way" he said "why?"louis said "well i knew she only wanted me for fame because we didnt really met and love at first sight i dont even like her this was all planned she came to simon and told him that she wanted fame and guess what it was simon's nephew. So they made me go out with her all of this was all a mess" he said "oh well we are happy that you are done with that and that you have more time for Andy and us because when you were going to with her she had you go everywhere and well had little time for your daughter and your friends" I said "Im really sorry guys"he said Andy came back.


Harry's Point of View

when andy came back i asked her something "Cupcake come here" I said tapping the sit next to me "yes daddy"she asked "when i was going out with Kristin was i away alot of time"I asked "to say the truth is that you sometimes only had time to kiss me at night" she said sad "well im supper sorry i will never do that ever again now you and your aunts and uncles are the only ones her and of course my mom , stepdad , and sister" I said pointing to my heart



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