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Song: How To Save A Life -The Fray
--Axen is the infamous leader of the Aeonian gang.
He is known as being heartless and having no mercy.
But what people don't know about Axen is that he is plagued by a ghost. The ghost of the first person he killed. Axen doesn't even know it himself he only knows that she plagues him in his nightmares and he constantly has the funny feeling in the pit of my stomach that he is being followed. Jay, a new recruit into Axen's gang changes everything. He's the only one that can see her. The only one that can tell that she's fallen in love with the infamous monster that killed her. The only one that help her change this monster. --


1. Pray to God, he hears you


“How are dealers down at the Quad doing Jay?”

 The dark eyes of the infamous leader of the Aeonian gang bored down into the young man who shivered slightly in his seat; staring at his fingertips to try and avoid his boss’s accusing stare.

 The leader of the Aeonian gang was well known for his quick-tempered disposition and very characteristic appearance. He was not a man to be messed with. And Jay had been severely warned about this when he had recently taken up the position in protecting the gang’s interests down at the Quad. He was hoping to slowly be able to make his way up the ranks so he could one day be as infamous and terrifying as his Boss.

 Not that you’d ever think a boy like him could ever be as petrifying as the man who sat before him now.

 His boss was famous for the deadly bloodcurdling scar that stretched down from the top of his hairline to the edge of his bottom lip. It was puckered up at the edges, never having fully healed after the mysterious event that had caused it and it warped his almost handsome features into that of a monster’s.

 Many had rumoured that he had received that scar while being tortured by the Midnight Feast gang who were notorious for kidnapping meanwhile others said he had got it when single handily pulling off a money exchange scheme into the middle of Mexico in his youth which is pretty much known as suicide to all the gang members, but he had managed to pull it off unlike so many others that hadn’t.

 People were terrified of him, but at the same time they held a kind of mutual respect for this man.

 Jay wanted people to respect him like they respected his Boss. He was fed up of all the sneering looks he got when people saw his 5 foot 6 frame and classical ‘good boy’ looks with his golden locks and impish smile.

 He wanted to be 6 foot 7 like his boss so he could tower over them and he wanted to have the same ageless look his boss had; that made him look wise but at the same time young enough to keep up with his gang with ease.

 Jay shuffled around in his seat -nervously tapping the edge of the desk he was sitting in front of with his chewed nails and biting his lip subconsciously.

 “Well? Am I going to get an answer today or in a year’s time?” His boss bellowed at him, slamming his fists down on the table as he spoke, making Jay jump in his seat.

 “Well err… everything is going fine down at the Quad, we’ve been pretty busy dealing down there but there… there… may be a slight problem…” Jay stuttered and dragged his hand through his flaxen hair nervously.

 The boss, getting bored of Jay’s rambling held up his hand into the air silencing Jay. “Think long and hard about what you are about to say next Jay.” The Boss leant back into his seat, crossing his arms in front of him, his dark features suddenly twisting into cruel smile. “Any mistakes will not be taken lightly.”

 Jay opened his mouth to say something but then frowned reconsidering what he was going to say before closing his mouth.


 The silence went on.


 “Are you boys ever going to actually discuss the problem at hand or what?” A blissful sigh echoed behind Jay, who whirled around on his seat to see where or rather whom the voice had come from.

 Squinting he viewed the piles of dusty books stacked up in a set of extensive cumbersome oak bookshelves behind him, a intense green woven carpet as he tilted his head to look at the floor and then twisting his head upwards, a impressive bronzed door with a metallic latch but as far as he could see; no visible life.

 There was no one there... so where had that voice come from then?

 The Boss’s brows lowered down over his gloomy eyes as he stared at the boy in front of him confused as to why the boy had suddenly whipped around to look behind him with no warning. “What is it?”

 “Didn’t you hear…?” Jay slowly turned back around to face his boss -his face wrinkled up in confusion. Where had that voice come from? “Err… nether mind.”

 “Fine, do as you please. It’s not like I’m the big bad boss or something is it?” A light chuckling noise ricocheted behind him at this comment. Jay’s boss sighed deeply, seeming fed up. “I can’t and won’t stand disrespect Jay. So just tell me what happened down at the Quad and I’ll let you off with just a warning this time.”

 “Don’t tell him.” The same melancholy voice whispered into his ears suddenly.

 “Why?” Jay mumbled twisting his body around again to try and find the individual who had whispered those words.

 “Because I need to know how to fix your mistake Jay.” The boss ground his teeth together in annoyance at his recently recruited member’s unusual behaviour. “What is wrong with you today?”

 Jay blinked, his wide brown eyes opening and shutting furiously. “Nothing sir.”

 “Then get on with it, or I’ll have no choice but to have you taken care of like the others boy.” His boss’s obsidian eerie eyes emotionlessly flicking down from the boy to a stack of papers on his desk, as he lifted up one of his hands and flicked through the documents soundlessly.

 Jay gulped. He knew exactly what his boss meant when he said he’s have him ‘taken care of’ and he as sure as hell did not want that happening to him.

 “He doesn’t actually mean it you know.” The mystery voice sent shivers down Jay’s spine.

 “Doesn’t mean what?” Jay murmured.

 He blinked and suddenly a figure beside the desk suddenly out of nowhere surfaced.

 “You can hear me.” The figure stood there just staring at Jay, her curious gaze boring into Jay as she tilted her head to the side in wonder.

 “Jay. You have one last chance, don’t waste it boy.” The Boss’s voice rumbled from behind the desk.

 Without taking his eyes away from the girl he answered the boss. “We’ve had problems from another gang trying to steal business but its nothing we can’t handle Sir.”

 “Good, it’ll be a test to see whether you can handle that kind of pressure then.” The Boss answered back decisively.

 Jay continued to stare at the figure in front of him and didn’t move even when the Boss let out a profound cough indicating for him to take leave now.

 Her stiff form was barely visible in the light and several of the beams of light that cascaded down from the overhead light passed right through her as if she wasn’t there. Her long blood red hair surged down her back and to her waist in docile waves contrasting with the pale ivory skin of her face, arms and legs. She had to have been only about 5 foot 3, Jay thought to himself. Her nose was ever so slightly crooked to the left and her eyes a translucent emerald green.

 “Wow.” The girl whispered under her breath. “That’s a first.” She took one step forward and lifted a small petite hand up towards him.

 He flinched and cringed back into the back of his seat.

 “What are you looking at?” A deep husky voice thundered from behind the desk –his boss.

 “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you Sir.” Jay’s voice trembled and he turned to look at his boss who had by now stopped analysing the paperwork on his desk and was squinting in the girl’s direction his gilded amber eyes flashing almost in recognition.

 The girl’s eyes widened seeing this and she pulled back her hand and turned around to see his boss.

 “Can he hear me too?” Her head darted back and forth between Jay and his boss excitedly, her pupils widening and the corners of her crooked mouth coiling upwards.

 “What the hell are you staring at?” The boss yelled at Jay, his face turning an unnatural shade of violet.

 “Me! He is staring at me Axel!” The girl yelled at him exasperatedly. She crossed the distance between them and went to place her delicate hands on his broad shoulder to shake him –but her hands passed right through him.

 “You big blundering idiot! Why can’t you see me?” She lifted her hands away from him. “Why can’t you see me? He can!” She ushered to Jay. She took a step back. “You’re not trying hard enough are you? That’s why. Just try a little harder Axel. Just try please.”

 Her face by now was streaming with tears that rolled down her freckled cheeks and dropped to the ground, soaking into the green carpet.

 Real tears.

 Axel just carried on staring right through her like she wasn’t there. She took another small step back her sullen expression showing a girl that had just lost a battle.

 Defeated. Alone. Vulnerable.

 “Sometimes I wonder why I even bother hanging around here anymore.” She turned around and wiped her eyes with the corner of her sleeve. “Why is it that you can see me –someone that I have never even met before, but he,” She pointed one arduous finger and his boss –Axel she had called him, “can’t?”

 Jay sat stunned by the current events and gazed hopelessly at her tiny crying form.

 What was going on? How had one little insignificant progress report check with his new boss turned into such a dramatic affair?

 Suddenly a man came bursting through the door of the office, the door swinging open and whacking the side of the bookshelf chipping it as it collided with it.

 The tall, slightly elderly man was wheezing for air like he had just ran a marathon, his grey-mattered beard knotted and covering most of his face. He lent over, his hands gripping onto his knees in a taut grip as he tried to steady his breathing so he could talk.

 “Axel- the…the Milieu gang,” Another breath, “have just…” yet another breath again, “attacked.”

 “Here we go again.” Axel groaned.


 WORD COUNT: 1717 (roughly)

*Please check out my next chapters!!! (Bare in mind that this is a short story though, under 3000 words- hence the 'word count') *

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