Do you remember? (Niall Horan fanfiction)

Many people don't believe me when I say that Niall Horan my best friend is, at least he used to be. We where one and no one could break us, I was wrong, so wrong.

(A/N: Hello! This is my first fanfiction EVER!! If you have any tips let me know! Sorry for bad English, I'm from the Netherlands. ENJOYY!! xx Lisa)


1. Flashbacks

It was a cold fall day, the wind fluttered past my long, red hair. Today I will see Niall again, the last time he was quite mysterious and unattainable but I didn't know why. I felt the first raindrops  on my jacket. I quickly ran to the ' place ', this was a tree house where we hid ourselves as small children, now still actually. I climbed to the top and what I saw was a sad Niall. '' Listen Scar, we need to talk. '' ' We need to talk. ' Three little words that upset your mood entirely. '' I go away from Ireland. '' He swallowed and was clearly afraid of my reaction. '' W-w-when? '' '' Tomorrow. '' '' WHAT?! NIALL JAMES HORAN WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME? '' The tears were in my eyes. '' I'll be back I promise! '' He automatically began to sob and I started to cry. He grabs me tight and so we sit for what seems hours. '' I have to go, cases fill not go! '' I giggle, even in these circumstances he can let me laugh. As I climb out of the tree house I see that the rain has stopped, perhaps this day not so bad. I ran home and went right to sleep. When I woke up I felt my cheeks were wet, probably from the crying. I went to take a shower and when I all set was the bell rang. '' I OPEN THE DOOR! '' I ran down and opened the door. '' Hi Scar. '' '' Oh, Hi Ni. " I didn't know what to say and there fell a painful silence. '' So, '' Began Niall. '' Listen, Scar. I am very sorry but I have to go away, and as promise-'' I interrupted him with these words: '' Ni, stop with those chats! I LOVE you! '', And I burst into tears. '' Stop crying Scarlett! '' '' Why should I? You are going away, I have just said that I love you and the problem is that you never would the same! '' At that time the mother of Niall honks. '' Sorry Skar.. '' 

'' WAKE UP SCARLETT ADAMS, YOU OVERSLEPT! '', calls my mother. I open one eye amd loop at my alarm clock. IT'S TEN PAST EIGHT OH NO! FAST, FAST, FAST! If the frantically searched I jump in the shower, when l am done with showering I search for a tank top and shorts and I decide to let my hair natural because I still have no time left, fast do I do a modest little makeup on and run down. '' Scarlett, I bring you to school if you want. '' '' Thank you! '', I give her an kiss and we drive to school. ''There we got Scarlett ' Horan '. '' spot Grace Harrinson. UHRG I HATE Grace! Okay Skar, don't think about Grace, you're already almost too late!  I run through the halls of school and come into my local. I don't really pay attention during class and for I know it's already break. I find my friends sitting by a tree, okay no, that was a joke, I'm being bullied since Niall is gone. I have simply so no friends. Niall. What am I missing him. 

'' Niall where do we go? '' '' Scar, don't you trust me? '' '' I do trust you, I'm just afraid! '' '' Calm down, I'm with you. '' said Niall. He did my blindfold off and I saw that we were more in a fairytale. '' Ni Wow, this is so .. '' '' So what? '' said Niall. '' Beautiful. '' I said full of admiration. We sat down on the perfect green grass. '' Scarlett, do you want some food? '' '' Yes. '' I said while I was looking into his oh so beautiful blue eyes.

'' HELLO! MRS HORAN! '' I look up and see the face that can ruin my day with just one simple look. '' What do you need Sanders? '' '' PEOPLE, THE FAMOUS MRS HORAN KNOW MY LAST NAME!'' all eyes are focused on me and everyone start to laugh. There are some nasty comments. I can't do this no longer and I run out of the canteen. '' Scarlet, sweetheart, you're already at home? '' '' Yes, there are a few lessons scrapped, but I go up, I have a lot of homework to do! '' I run up the stairs and go sit on my bed. And the same blue eyes like 3 years ago look at me. '' Ni, why are you not here? '' 

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