No Sound, No Air

"...Save her from drowning in her sorrows..."


1. NSNA: Chapter 1

*Chelsea's POV*


Staring blankly ahead at a billboard advertising some sugary cereal with marshmallow alligators in it was definitely not my way of relaxing. The overly air conditioned terminal was filled with passengers ranging from uptight business men and women to college kids slowly shuffling past me towards the baggage claim. My first stop was customs. If you're wondering why I'm in an airport here's my reason's all part of my mama's plan to get rid of me for the summer. She's never loved me. But that's besides the point. Without my consent, my mama signed me up for a summer foreign exchange program. It's basically foreign exchange during the school year but minus the school.


 All I knew was that I was staying with some family in Gold Coast, Australia. Right now I was pouring sweat. Probably wasn't a good idea to wear my red skinny jeans and black tee. I'm French. Yes I know red skinny jeans and a black tee sounds pretty typical for a French person to dress like but I don't like to stand out. And besides, how was I supposed to be excited for something I knew absolutely nothing about until the day I was supposed to leave? I just hoped the family I was staying with didn't force conversation with me. If they did I would pretend I didn't know any English.


But who am I kidding?! Of course they would!


Customs was a hassle but I was finally freed to go get my bags. Mine were very easy to find considering they were the only navy and pink striped duffel bags. God love Jack Wills. I'm also one hundred percent sure people were staring as I dragged my bags to the loading dock. The instant I got there I was smothered in hugs by a really pretty woman with three kids about my age and her husband.

"Chelsea! We are so excited to finally meet you!" The woman squealed. "These are my kids Cody and Alli and Tom..." She pointed each of them out to me. "And this is my lovely husband." She kissed the man on the cheek. Ew.

I nodded.

"We're very excited to have you here Chels. Is it okay if I call you Chels?" Alli asked.

"Ne." I replied coldly. I didn't mean to sound too harsh but Chels was what my father used to call me before he passed away. I never allowed anybody but him to call me that. "Désolé. Mais je ne parle pas anglais."

"I understand you're from France?" Cody took my hand, kissed it, then started putting my bags in the trunk of the car. I nodded slowly. "Nice."

"Quelle distance de votre domicile ?" I asked.

"About a few hours." Cody responded. Crap. I thought I had them.

"Cody what did she say?" His mother placed a hand on his broad shoulder.

"She asked how long away from home it is from here." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"Great! Well let's get going! We have a big surprise for you at home Chelsea!" Cody's mother clapped her hands together.

Great. A long journey ahead of me with a bunch of people. Okay so only five people but I was not about to make this easy for them. I was not happy to be here. It's not that I didn't like where I was or the people I was staying with...I was just upset that my mother sent me here without telling me.

Dear Readers,

I am super excited to have released my first Cody Simpson novel. I hope you enjoy it.

Love, Rachel

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