Regular Show stories

This is actually a gender swap of the actual regular show. Mardalla and Rigina are 23 year olds that work at a park where crazy things happen. Most caused by the two. They hang out with the other staff members and two other guys from a coffee shop. Things get heated up with the coffee guys Marcus and Elliot. Episodes of regular show that have been on and ones I've made will be on here.


1. Hello My Opposite part 1 (Original story by me.)

Mordella and Rigina were just raking up leaves and like usual the small raccoon was whining. 

"Dude this is boring. I want to go play video games." Rigina said. 

"Shut up Rigina. It's almost our break anyway. Don't you want to go to the coffee shop?" Mordella replied. 

"You just want to go see Marcus." 

"No. I'm just thirsty for coffee. Plus there sandwiches are really good." 

"Yeah sure." 

"I'm sure you want to see Elliot though."


Mordella laughed and they finished up the leaves. They went to the house for the cart keys and saw a weird sight. It was two men thier age. One of them was a tall blue jay just like Mordella and he was talking with his shorter friend who was a raccoon. 

"Who are you and what are you doing in our house?!?" Mordella panicked. 

The two turned around and looked at the girls. The two sets of friends gasped. They looked like each other. Other than the girls wearing clothes when the boys were naked. 

"Why do you look like us?" The blue jay asked. 

"I was about to ask the same thing." Mordella said. 

Rigina and the other raccoon were groaning like usual. 

"Can we go to the coffee shop already?" They said at the same time. 

"Okay-" they started at the same time. 

"Rigby." The blue man said. 

"Rigina." Mordella said. 

"What's your name?" The tall man asked. 

"Mordella. You?" 


"That's a nice name."

"Yours is nice too." 

They were both blushing like crazy. 

"Eww. Get a room." Rigina and Rigby said. 

"Shut up." The blue jays said. They got the keys and Mordecai drived to the coffee shop. 

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