Christin was an a+ student she had principal's list and more.she wasn't liked and she wasn't popular she had little to no friends.she was always picked last when it came to everything except project and even then she had to do all the work.she wasn't sad about her life and she enjoyed it alot she just wants to be more popular and have some people she can socialize with.But she is given the opprotunity to go on Justin Bieber's tour and extersize with him shes not a fan and she isnt sure what to do.



''CHRISTIN PLZ GO TO THE OFFICE.''Ms.Wartz called over the microphone i walked over to the office and stood next to her."yes Ms.Wartz?'',she smiled and looked at me,''oh hi christin!Well here's the deal Scooter Braun is coming to offer you a job as Justin Bieber's extersize coach.''The office door swung open.''oh hi scooter.''Ms.Wartz said while walking over to him to shake his hand.''hello Ms.Wartz!Is this christin?"he asked gesturing twards me.I finshed playing with paper clips and turned around.Ms.Wartz looked at me and nodded."Good.Hello Christin,is it?''he asked as if he hadn't just said my name to Ms.Wartz.i nodded.''nice to meet you im Scooter Braun and this is Justin.''he said moving out of the way to show me justin who was staring into his phone.''sup?''he asked still not looking up.''nothing much.''Scooter sat down and began talking about the deal.''ok so here's the plan,we want you to come with us on tour and i heard you took varous classes in yoga,p.e.,and other things,so if you did come with us you'd be Justin's extersize coach because he's last one left complaning that he never focused and always flirted i want you to help him and get him is even better shape then he is right now.''i have to go on tour with justin for like a year!?Justin is the most stuck up snob i've ever heard of!!!i hesitated.although he is a snob i do need the money and it might not be so bad,i guess i could.''um,fine i'll do it.''he smiled''GREAT!!'',he said jumping up in the air,''justin!'',he said snapping in Justin's face to get his attention,''go walk christin to her locker to get her stuff,NOW!''he rose his voice and paused Justin's game.''fine fine!''Justin unwillingly stood up and walked behind me when we went around the corner he grabbed his phone and started to text someone.i shoved my stuff in a box and peeled off my stickers.after it was all in the box i took Justin's phone from his hand and replaced it with the box.''WHAT THE HECK!!''He yelled''Hey scooter said you had to help me that would require doing some work i know your not used to the word ''work'' because you have things handed to you but not while im on your tour!''i said giving him a fake smile and a sarcastic tone.he faked laughed and closed my locker.

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