The New Me (Niall Horan)

Niall meets a girl he really likes on the streets.......... read it k


1. I Ran

k guys for my first long fanfic i decided to give the girl my name.. 

i hope you guys like it!

I ran as fast as I could away from that monster. The monster who ruined my life. The monster who I wouldn't stand living with anymore. So I packed up the things I thought I needed the most, climbed out the window and ran. And now I'm running down the road. Into town. He'll never find me there. I ran in between two buildings and sat there for a second to catch my breath. But then I had to get up and run even more. I looked out the alleyway behind me. No one was running after me. So I ran in the other way without looking. I ran into a boy and he caught both of us from falling. "Whoa.. You okay?" he asked me. I anxiously looked back, checking in case he was following me. "Yeah.. I'm fine." I said. I actually looked at the boy for a second. He had blonde hair and had braces. Braces were so attractive in my mind.. 

I couldn't think about that though. His eyes were ice blue and were beautiful. I stared into them for a good second while he stared into mine. "What's wrong?" he asked me. He seemed like he really cared. "Do you really want to know?" I asked him. He nodded his head quickly and I pulled him into the alleyway and sat down. He sat down on the other side with his back against the wall so he could look at me. "I'm running away from home. My wicked drunk step-father. He always abuses me. And I've just had the courage today to leave." I explained, out of breath. "What about your mother? Doesn't she do anything?" he asked me. I just looked down at the ground. "She died a couple months ago. So it's just me and him living in that house. Well... was." I said, sadly. "Oh, I'm sorry." he said. I quickly looked up at him. "Oh, no it's fine. I've kind of forgotten. I'm Jayde." I said as i stuck my hand out for him to shake. "Niall." he said as he grabbed it and shook it.

"I'd better get going." I said as I stood up. "It was nice meeting you." I said as i glanced out the alleyway again. I looked back at Niall who was still sitting down on the ground. "You ok?" I asked him, reaching a hand out to help him up. He just looked at me with the most curious expression. "But, where are you going to go?" he asked me. I thought for a second. "I have no idea." I said as i was getting ready to leave. "Come with me." he said. I turned and looked at him. "What?" I asked him. I actually heard clearly what he said. I just wanted to hear him say it again. Make sure he was sure he wanted me around with him. He looked at me. "Come with me." he said softly. "Ok." I said quietly. "Follow me." he said as he took my hand and led me to a car. He knocked on the window and someone already inside the car unlocked it. Niall opened the back door, allowing me to get in first. Niall got in next to me and shut the door. "Hi.. Who is this." said one boy. I looked around and I was surrounded by four other boys. "This is Jayde. Jayde this is Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam." Niall introduced me. Why was he with four other boys.. Anyway, I have a place to go now. I hope I'll never have to go back to that hellhole of a place again.



hey guys, so ill do short fanfics on request.. just comment your name and with what boy and like where you want it to take place.. k i hope u liked it!! like it up! 

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