Dream Girl

The dreams haven't gone away, and I can't stop think about her. The girl whose name I don't think I'll ever know. Will she eventually come out of my dreams, or is she going to stay there forever haunting me with the idea that I'll never get to hold her unless I'm asleep?

Inspired by "One Thing" by One Direction


1. My Dream Girl

She stood there on the beach with her beautiful dress and her wavy brunette hair, just staring at the golden sunset. I started walking across the sand toward her, and I reached out a hand to grab hers. Her soft and small fingers intertwined with mine as I leaned down to kiss her forehead.

“Hi.” My voice was shaky, and I hope she didn’t notice. This gorgeous girl in front of me was the only one I knew who could bring me to my knees. I would do anything for her, and I didn’t even know her name. In my state of euphoria at seeing her again, it didn’t matter that once again I didn’t ask for her name.

“Hi. It’s beautiful isn’t it?” She pointed out toward the sunset, and it was really nice, but she was prettier.

“Yes, you are.” I grinned at my cheesy remark and she playfully slapped my arm. We silently watched a few birds play at the water’s edge, and I kept my arms wrapped loosely around her waist. Her eyes turned to meet mine, and she said, “Hunter.”


“It’s time to wake up.” Wait, what?

“Wake up!” She yelled again. What was she talking about?

“WAKE UP!” I bolted upright in bed as my sister Kaitlin crawled off of my bed and went back downstairs. Kaitlin is my sister as well as my mom, since our mom disowned us when Kaitlin was sixteen and I was nine, we stayed in foster care until she was old enough to take care of me.

I crawled out of bed and walked into the bathroom across the hall to take a shower before breakfast. The shower relaxed me, and gave me time to think about my dream. I’d been having similar dreams for over a month now, but I can’t think of a particular meaning for them. After stepping out of the shower I tucked a towel around my waist and walked into my room again to find clothes.

I pulled on a clean pair of boxers, and a pair of dark wash jeans. I decided to go with my pink button up shirt, and I made sure to roll the sleeves up to my elbows. I grabbed my aviators and threw on a pair of Chuck Taylors before making a stop in the bathroom to style my hair, and then going down to breakfast.

Kaitlin had made eggs and Canadian bacon which I happily shoveled in my mouth, making sure to thank her. I picked up my black backpack from the floor of the coat closet and slipped on my aviators, before waving goodbye and walking to school. It was only a five minute walk since we lived right down the street.

I saluted Mark on my way in, he and I would hang out sometimes at his house to play video games, and he was pretty cool. I saw a lot of my friends in the halls as I made my way to Chemistry. I hadn’t taken Chem before this year, so I was the only junior in a class full of sophomores. I didn’t really mind though. I was almost their when I heard someone call my name from behind me. I turned to see Ava throw her arms around me and give me a kiss.

“Hey, babe.” I mumbled as I tucked her into my side and continued towards class. She pouted her glossy lips and started talking in a baby voice.

“What, no ‘I love you’ or ‘You look beautiful, as always’?” The petite blonde asked. I was too into my thoughts of my dream girl, literally, to notice that my girlfriend looked genuinely upset. I slipped out of Ava’s clingy arms and waved goodbye as I slipped into my classroom. Madison was sitting in her seat at one of the tables listening to her iPod and reading on it.

“Watching porn again Maddie?’ I whispered behind. She freaked out and turned around, almost falling out of the chair in the process.

“No! Gosh, stop being annoying. I’m reading another fan fiction.” Of course she was. I knew she wasn’t watching porn, because the girl’s a Mormon, but it was so fun to tease her.

“You might have to go talk to your bishop about the porn addiction Maddie. If you want me to I’ll go with you, ya know.” I sent her a wink. The only response I got was an eye roll. I opened up my Chemistry binder and started looking over my notes. Why did my handwriting have to look so girly?

Ms. Pattinson walked in and logged into her computer. Pretty soon the rest of the class was filing in, and we were having the tedious moment of silence, and Pledge of Allegiance. Chemistry went by fast as we completed a fun s’mores lab. Maddie left the classroom as quick as she could, not even waiting for me to explain that I had zip tied her backpack shut. That would be a nice surprise for her.

I walked into homeroom, and proceeded to eat half of the cookies on the snack plate that Ms. London set out for us, before any of the other kids even walked in. I’d be extremely fat if I didn’t run for track, or bike, as I was part of the biking club as well.

“Hey Katie, what’s the difference between a Lamborghini and a pile of dead babies?”

“Oh, gosh, what?” She sighed.

“I don’t have a Lamborghini in my garage.” I chuckled, and Thomas, and Jeremy joined in sharing more dead baby jokes. I only told them so I could annoy Katie. I finished off my fifth cookie, and pushed off of the desk I was leaning against to head to the door. As soon as the bell rang for Homeroom to be finished I headed to the library. The entire school had a thirty minute block of time to talk to teachers or study or talk to friends.

I was going to spend mine in the library when Ava saw me and dragged me with her to Starbucks, and then she proceeded to make me pay for her caffeinated drink. I shook my head sadly. My thought were starting to turn to the mystery girl of my dreams again as Ava told me something about Josh King. I realized that I wasn’t being a very good boyfriend, but in all honesty I just couldn’t drag my thoughts away from that girl at the beach.

Two pink painted nails snapped in front of my face and I blinked at Ava’s angry expression.

“Have you been listening? I just got finished telling you that Josh asked me to Prom and you didn’t say anything. Focus please!” She was not happy with me at all, and I just watched as she stomped off.

The rest of the day dragged a little, though I still messed around in class, making fun of people, and being generally annoying. I stayed after to talk to my track coach a little bit, and then I left for home. I walked in the door of Kaitlin and my flat. I threw my bag in the corner of the coat closet again, and called out for my sister. She wasn’t home yet so I grabbed a handful of pretzels and slumped on the couch to play some Xbox.

At six o’clock when she arrived home from her job as personal assistant to some wealthy guy, I still hadn’t moved from my spot on the couch, except for when I had to go grab the entire bag of pretzels since just a handful was never enough. I cringed as I awaited her disappointment in my laziness. Nothing came however, so I looked up and saw her face planted into the other couch.

“I am so tired.” She complained loudly. Grudgingly she got off of the couch to go change from her suit into a pair of red sweats. She sat next to me, and reached her hand in my direction, “Get me the other controller.”

I raised my eyebrows, but nonetheless complied with her demands. It wasn’t long before I was fighting for my life. I never knew my sister knew how to play Call of Duty so well.

“Okay squirt, time for bed.” She yawned as she won another round.

“I’m seventeen. I don’t have a bed time.” I insisted, but I already knew I was going to lose this argument.

“You’re seven years younger than me, and a minor. Do as I say.” Argument over. I trudged up the stairs to my room and wrapped myself in my warm blanket.

When I caught sight of her we weren’t on the beach anymore. We were in an empty alley only illuminated by a bright sign advertising some kind of club. I put my hands on either side of her, trapping her in my arms.

“You know you definitely have something special about you.” I whispered as I leaned my head on her shoulder.

“Thanks, you’re pretty special too. You wanna go in?” She pointed to the club and I thought, Why not?

We stepped into this place, and there wasn’t a bouncer anywhere in sight, so we continued on. The entire dance floor was crowded with people grinding against each other. I guided my brunette companion over to the bar and asked her what she wanted. I was surprised when she asked for a Shirley Temple.

“No alcohol?”

“I can’t I only have one kidney, I gave the other to my sister.” That made more sense. I turned to the guy who was tending the bar and asked for two Shirley Temples. It was kind of a girly drink, but it didn’t taste bad, and I wasn’t about to get drunk when my mystery girl wasn’t. We chatted for a bit, and then I hesitantly asked her to dance, because I wasn’t sure what she’d say.

“I thought you’d chicken out. C’mon lets go.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the crowd. We slipped somewhere in the middle, and she started swinging her hips, and just dancing. Every dance move I had ever known flew out of my head just then and all I could think was that I wanted to kiss her so badly.

“I wish you weren’t part of my dreams, but that you actually existed.” I said before I could stop myself. I wanted to take the words back, but they were too true. She opened her pretty mouth to say something, but all that came out was. “Hunter.”

I knew what was coming then, and I mentally prepared myself. It seemed that she knew what was going to happen as well, so she quickly pulled off her locket, and latched it around my neck.

“Hunter wake up, you’re going to be late!”

“Hunter!” I bolted upright and my hand automatically went to my heart. I felt something beneath my sleep shirt, so I pulled out the thin chain to see her locket.

My sister didn’t even have to talk to me anymore, I was up and yanking clothes out of my wardrobe as quickly as I could. I didn’t really know why I was so excited, but I knew something great was going to happen to me today.

I took a quick shower, before pulling black skinny jeans, a white, black, and blue plaid shirt, and my white Chuck Taylors. I styled my hair into a a spiky mess, and ran downstairs, yanking my bag from the closet.

“Isn’t that necklace a little girly for you?” Kaitlin yelled from the kitchen. I ignored her question though, and ran out the door, skipping breakfast.

The school appeared in front of me quickly, and I almost forgot to say hi to Mark on my way in. I decided to head to my locker to grab my Pre-Calc book that I kept inside. When I got there a disgruntled Ava was standing in front of it.

“Ava move, I need my book.” I said a little gruffly.

“Listen first. You and I are over Hunter. You aren’t listening to me anymore, and you hardly kiss back, and you don’t say ‘I love you’, I just can’t keep doing this. We’re through, and I told Josh I’d go to Prom with him.” She turned to stomp off, but I gripped her arm and pulled her back.

“Please don’t do this Ava, babe, c’mon. I love you. I do. We thought we had something. Don’t break up wi-“ and then I saw her. My mystery girl was walking down the hall towards us and I smiled.

“-never mind. We’re done. Bye!” I might have said that a bit to joyfully for her liking, but she had Josh so she’d be alright.

I walked over to my dream girl, and held her tightly to my chest. Gosh, she smelled amazing, like cream and honey. My eyes drank her in greedily, because I knew I could hold her in real life now.

“I believe this belongs to me.” She said in a soft silky voice as she gave a gentle tug to her locket. I had wanted to keep it to remind me of her every day, but if she wanted it back I’d give it to her, because she made me feel like Superman, but at the same time was my Kryptonite. I would get on my knees and beg for this amazing girl to be mine if that’s what she wanted.

So that’s what I did.

I knelt down in the middle of the hall, and unlatched her locket from around my neck.

“….um, what’s your name?” I asked slightly embarrassed.

“Gabby Ritz.”

“Gabriella Ritz, would you be mine?” I felt nervous, which was a first for me when it came to girls.

“I will if you never call me Gabriella again.” She insisted, and I jumped up happily to engulf her in a hug and press kisses all over her face.

I then turned her around and moved her hair out of the way so I could put her locket back on her, where it belonged. I kissed her on the lips lightly and stared into her chocolate brown eyes, and everything was perfect.

Then from down the hall I heard Maddie scream, “There you are Hunter! I need you to get the zip tie off of my bag! I can’t get anything out of it!”

Maddie was at my side in a second and Gabby just took a step back in amusement, looking at the shorter girl.

“Thanks for informing me that I have a trouble maker on my hands.” She said, and Maddie beamed at her before turning back to me.

“I approve of your new girlfriend. Where’d you find this one? She’s actually nice.” I had no clue that the little Mormon girl had even an ounce of sarcasm in her.

“She’s my dream girl, and the one thing I need.” I replied, before leaning over to kiss Gabby’s nose. She blushed and I knew that this was just the start to a great relationship.


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