Niall Horan Saved My Life

On the day 12-12-12 Niall Horan Saved My Life


1. Were It All Started

Lulu's POV

"Hey babe." I say as my boyfriend ,Josh got home. "Shut up. Your so fat. Why am I dating you?" He says. I open my mouth but no words came out. 'Um, Sorry, Mabye I should go." I say grabbing my purse. He grabbed my wrist as I turned the knob on the front door. "Your not going any where." He says. He slaps me across the face. A tear falls down my face."What did I do" I ask. "Everything." He says and punches me. I pass out on the floor. He had never hurt me, ever. I woke up with him kicking me. "Get up." He says. I stand up fast not wanting to get hurt. "Go put on something pretty were going out tonight." He says. "Fine." I say. I walk up to our room. I change into a pink form fitting shirt and short shorts. As I pull off my shirt I see that I have bruises all on my stomach and my back. I sigh. "I'm ready." I say. "Good." He says and he slaps me hard. I put my hand over my cheek. He grabs my wrist and pulls me to the car. He pushes me in the car and slams the door. It was already dark outside because I slept all day. "Were are we going." I ask. "Do you ever shut up????" He asks. I punch him. I have had enough. He pulls over the car and pushes my out. He grabs my hair and slams me to the ground. Right on the side of the road. "Stop, Stop!!!" I plead. He kicks me over and over again. I kicks my face and says, "I will kill you right here!" He shouts. I hear a car screach and pull over. "What are you doing??!?" A irish accent shouts. "Why do you care?" Josh shouts back. He stops kicking me I shut my eyes and just lay there I was weak. I hear them fighting. Then I feel someone pick me up and put me in a car. I did not care who it was. I just wanted to lay down and sleep. 

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