Double Love

love is a delicate thing, it can ruin your life or turn it into a fairytale. I never knew what was coming for me when 5 boys stepped into my life. well, I found out the hard way.


1. Goodbyes

I was breathing heavy, my heart pounding. I load the pistol in my hand as I heard his steps getting closer to the bed. my killer was coming, ready to kill me at any moment.


haha just kidding! I wish my life was that exciting. but no just plain old Mary Kate, packing her bags for college.


my mother steps into the room. her eyes are red and puffy from crying. "are you sure you want to do this?" she says. I can tell its taking all her strength to keep her self from crying.


"yes mom, don't worry about me. I will be fine. this is what I want to do" I explain. she nods her head and starts taking some of my boxes out to the car. my dog Cricket even has a sad face, like he knows I'm leaving. they do say dogs know that stuff.


I start petting him and my small beagle lets out a small yap. I pick up the last of my boxes and take a good look at my room. purple walls and a pure white carpet. the only thing left in my room is my furniture.


when I stuff my last box into the passenger seat of the Volvo. there are big hugs all around, their only child is leaving off to college.


"ok well I don't really know what to tell you..." my dad trails off. my parents went to college but it was a special private college so its different from the college i'm going to. these moments are always so awkward for my dad because he's not as emotional as my mom.


"good luck honey. we are going to miss you!" my mother chokes out and starts sobbing again.


"uh... well before you leave we have a gift for you..." my dad starts. they hand me a little square gift with sparkly blue wrapping paper.


"thanks! I will really miss you guys!" I say and we all go for one last round of hugs, kisses, and goodbyes. I finally climb in the car and start down the road. I wave one last time to my parents through the window of the car and see my dad shedding a couple of tears. I knew his tough guy act would break. I start to cry too a little bit. I wont see my parents until fall break in November.




----------Elizabeth's POV------------

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