If you do a disaster you do it big and notable but when a lovely man comes to your life and shake your world you don´t ignore it you make him yours doing the same with his world what can happened if you are an enemy of the state.

Well that happened to me by the way I´m Katherine and the man get into my life when I was a point to have in my hands The National Bank of England he came and want to shot me but like he was fresh as a policeman he was shaking and I do him a favor when we went with the judge she offer me house arrest I accepted if they put the policeman into the mission.


1. the capture?

If you are doing something bad you do it big and notable like stole money from The National Bank of England and a new policeman capture you but he thinks that he do it by his own when really you give yourself for a firs sight love well I'm sorry my name is Katherine well we go to the Cort and offer me house arrest but I put a condition that the policeman named Liam go with me and they don't dude it 'cause I was dangerous and...

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