"I always make mistakes so why shouldn't I change them? If I can why can't I? I've always done it and look, I'm still alive!" Selena has the power to go to the past but there are certain laws, that she doesn't know about, to stop you changing too much. Every time she does it, she comes back different. Every one else around comes back different. Her life as she once knew it changes each time and there is always a flaw in every life from where she has been too careless. Every time she goes into the past, she doesn't remember that past, but she always knows what herself looks like, how? One time she goes back in time and someone spots her. Another time traveler? A friend from that past? Will it be the past to end all futures?


1. Life

Why was my life always so bad? I was 14 and I hadn't had a boyfriend ever. My nose was huge, my mouth and chin were stupid and my eyes were so plain and boring. The only thing I liked about myself was my black hair. It was long and soft. I wasn't really a pretty or beautiful person. I wasn't really an ugly person. I was pretty average in that sort of way. I had bad grades, no friends, a terrible social life and I had no money. I was overweight and I had two left feet. I hated myself.

     No one ever understood me. They always thought I was just shy, unpopular lowlife. At school I may be bullied and I may be unpopular, but on the internet, I was very popular. I could write for hours and hours just about anything. Once my sister had borrowed my notepad of A4 lined paper for her school play and, me being a clumsy person, always making mistakes, always making a fool of myself, left everything I had written in there. Of course she had read it. She was my sister, of course she read it but she didn't make fun of me. She didn't tease me or annoy me; she complimented me. Practically begging on her knees, she was begging me to be like the person I was on paper. She thought I was funny and interesting, making jokes and remarks that were so clever, she wouldn't have thought of them herself, her being the little popular genius she was! And that was what inspired me to create a website. I wrote anything I liked on there and no one could tell me otherwise, no one knew who I was. Every one liked my website though, I heard people talking about it all the time. But I never told any one it was me, I guess I was too shy.

     As I neared my front door, I opened in to the madness of my family's daily lives. My Mother was singing and dancing to Mama Mia on TV and my Father was busy cleaning the whole house while dancing too. My sister had a friend around who were playing fairies, running around and throwing glitter around the room, that my Dad then had to clear up. 

     I ran up the stairs, entered the safety of my bedroom, slung my bag on a chair and turned on my computer. Not even my parents or sister knew about my website. I had decided long ago to call it The Past. It was a catchy name that everyone seemed to like, over 3 million hits per day. I just wrote some of my random thoughts, ideas or things I had noticed during the day. Every one knew it was someone from my school, which it obviously was, but no one suspected me. 

     I signed into my website and started updating it. I had no idea where I got my ideas from to write but I could just go for hours and hours. I wrote about how I knew a lot of people wanted to know who I was and that I know they had actually gone looking to see who it could be, who writes a little like I do on the website. No one even asked me. They asked the most popular girl in the school who every one believes is responsible. Only a handful of things get me angry but people taking the credit for something they've never done really gets on my nerves. So that's why I wrote:


Dear readers,

                        I know you think that Luna is the creator of this website but she's not. I'm someone who you'd never suspect. So if you want to find out who I am, go against your instinct and choose someone who you'd never believe could be doing this. I am not popular, I am not a so called legend. I am merely me. But isn't every one? You should be liked for who you are, not what you've done. I guess I'm an example of this.


I hesitated before pressing the publish tab. Should I really be saying this? Will this just get me caught? But then I decided against it and pressed it anyway, knowing that my website could be ruined because of that little update.

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