Painted Faces

Entry into the Inspired by a Song competition. I've chosen to base my story on the lyrics of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
What would you do if time was all you had?
Any constructive criticism/feedback that anyone has to offer will be welcomed considerably. Please bare in mind that I will be adding chapters progressively and not all in one go.
Enjoy :D


1. Painted Faces

Ever wondered what it would be like to stretch your hand out and feel the rocks of Everest at your fingertips? Or how amazing it must feel to look up and see the Northern Lights dance with twilight? Or perhaps something less adventurous. To paint a canvas with a combination of spectacular colours and be startled by the creativity that seeps from your soul.

No matter what the goal, a sense of honour and pride will come about when you achieve it. But in this neighbourhood, such luxuries come with a price. If you want something, you need to pay for it. 

Similarly, if you want anything done in this place, there's a price. The prices are pretty steep too, and unfortunately, you can't pay with money. You pay with time.


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