Girl alone

H, E, B and S (HEBS) are doing this play at school and here is the story behind it! Gracie is told not to go any where near the woods because of Dusk, the vampire. Gracie doesn't listen and gets lost but will her friends come to save her from the monsterous creature? Or is Dusk only looking for a friend?


1. Scene 1: In town

"ORANGES!! GET YOUR ORANGES!! SOUP!! I GOT LOTS OF SOUP!". It was the weird lady that always tried to sell food to every one in the middle of the street. Lucinda and Charlotte where walking through town trying to decide what shops to go in. It was about midday and Gracie hadn't showed up. Thank god for that! Gracie could be a bit out of it sometimes, like a breeze, sometimes there but other times just completely floaty and just a little odd.

          The weird orange selling lady was still shouting. Poor soul, no one ever bought any thing from her. She tried every day but no one came. They continued walking only to see Gracie skipping along.

   "RUN!" shouted Lucinda. But it was too late, they only managed to run about five steps when Gracie started shouting and waving. Feeling a little bad that they had run away, the girls turned around and walked back over to her.

   "Why were you running? Were you being chased by gummy bears with multi-coloured tummies and carrying chainsaws but they weren't carrying them properly so-" Gracie was cut short by Charlotte.

   "Play with the pretty keys!" Her eyes widened with happiness. Snatching the keys out of Charlotte's hand, she ran away and played with them. 

          Shouting very loudly, the weird food-selling lady was having an argument with a customer about the price of the oranges. It was first customer ever and they were arguing about prices. Typical. Charlotte and Lucinda went to look in a few more shops and then set of to find Gracie to give back the keys. They spotted her easily, she was the only one wearing plastic childrens' jewelry and a bright blue dress.

   "Give me back my keys," stated Charlotte flatly. Gracie looked worried. "Where are my keys?"

   "I sold them."

   "You what?!" exclaimed Lucinda.

   "You know, I sold, gave them away, how else can I put it, bought something with them."

   "What did you buy with my keys?" asked Charlotte frustratedly. 

   "This orange!" she held it up to her face. Charlotte grabbed the orange and threw across the street.

   "I'm coming for you Mr. Orange!!" She ran as fast as you can in heels towards where the orange was thrown. But then she stopped. "I think it went in the woods!"

   "DON'T GO IN THERE!!!!" shouted Charlotte and Lucinda in unison.


   "A vampire subsides in there. It is evil. Any one who enters dies. No one ever comes back. Just go home and stay home you hear me?" said Charlotte. Gracie did what she was told.

   "That girl is going to be killed one day..."

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