Facing the Red Flag - An Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Fanfic

Another crossover piece, this time for the gaming competition. Captain Edward Kenway clashes with a captain from another version of history, who has a deadly “secret”.


3. Chapter 2

The Jackdaw’s cannons fired, metal splintering the hull of the frigate, scoring the first hits of the battle, and the crew of the red-flagged ship was reduced as the Jackdaw’s crew fired muskets and pistols from the top deck.

Edward left the wheel in the capable hands of his first mate and ran for the mast. Breaking the rope that he grasped, he flew up the mast, and landed at the top. In mere moments, he was racing across the beam, and was into the rigging of the frigate.

From above the two ships, he cried, “Men of the Jackdaw! To the frigate!”

The Jackdaw’s crew cheered and started throwing their grapples at the frigate. With the weapons wielded, they charged onto the frigate, yelling as they went.

The frigate’s crew, meanwhile, stood confused for a moment upon hearing the voice from above, and then noticed the charging crew of the Jackdaw, and hurried to fight them off.

Edward triumphantly snapped a rope and swung down to the deck, landing on one of the crew and ejecting his hidden blade into his neck.

Standing up, Edward drew his two swords and started cutting his way through the crew of the frigate.

Swords clashed, and men screamed as Edward made his way through the crew. He was determined to plunder this ship, and he wanted it to be a fairly easy taking. Therefore, he took the liberty of scoring the most kills.

The Jackdaw’s crew arrived on the deck, and took out a considerable number of the frigate’s crew with a single volley of pistol fire.

Edward rushed to join them, cutting down no less than four of the frigate’s crew in the process.

“Are you ready, lads? There’s drink aplenty once we’re done here, so be prepared!” he shouted, causing an eruption of cheers from his battle-ready crew. “Charge!”

He clashed once again with the frigate’s crew, using his pistols as well as his swords, and, every so often, his hidden blade.

However, for every crewmember they killed, another seemed to appear from below deck, and Edward began to wonder if they had made a horrible mistake in attacking this ship.

“Men, we may be facing more than we can handle! We’re going to need to take out the powder stores!” he shouted.

Two members of the crew ran down to the next deck, and there was a dull sound of gunfire – Edward hoped they hadn’t been killed as soon as getting down there.

“Tell me, lads!” Edward cried. “Do you think there are women waiting for us?”

The crew cheered in confirmation, and gunfire sounded in unison.

“Then let’s stay alive so that we can greet them!” he yelled, firing two of his pistols simultaneously.

“Staying alive may prove fun,” announced a loud voice from the frigate’s wheel. “Especially when you’ve attacked my ship.”

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