I am Emmi. Emmi Rookwood. I am 11 years old. I have just moved to a new neighborhood named Knobestry Heights. My new house, don't even ask. I don't know what is looks like. All I know is that my bedroom is striped.


1. Knobestry Heights

    House after house is the same design. Flat front, wrap around porch, windows that are curved to go round the corner, big circular windows to look out from the attic, and large chimney's. They are all basically the same colors over and over again. Dark green, Dark blue, light blue, white, brick. Then over again, Dark green, dark blue, light blue, white, brick.

     This is too repeative. I told myself thinking of the house I had just left behind in the rolling hills of the country. I look out the window again. A girl that looked about 11, my age, waved at me and smiled a great big smile and poked her younger brother, about 9.

     She grabbed her scooter and raced us along on the safety of the sidewalk, curious about where we were going.

    "Wait, Dad, stop, I want to walk along with this girl. What's the address, so I can find my way to the new house?" I expected my dad, Dean, to say no or my mom Rebecca to say no way jose. But my dad said,

     "Ok. I'll let you do it. The address is-" He hesitated at the look from mom but went on. "371 Oaks Drive. Come back my dark." I fist pumped into the air as I got out of the car. I yelled a goodbye to my mom and dad and I was off. Well not exactly. I waited for the girl for a while. She was a long was back and needed to catch up and catch her breath.

     "Hi, I'm Sophia, call me Sophie." She said outstretching her hand to mine.

     "Emmie. Emmie Rookwood." This was the start of a great friendship. I could just tell.

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