Battle For Hogwarts

A boy named Marcus and his best friend George are in their Seventh year at Hogwarts the same as the famous Harry Potter. Marcus was in Ravenclaw and so was George. But the year turns out into a battle involving Lord Voldemort. They must help and stop him reaching Harry...


1. The Carrows

Marcus and George were rushing down the Grand Staircase whilst getting to the great hall before they were caught. When they got there people were already eating and sat at their tables. Professor Snape was distracted and didn't notice them coming in late. Then they sat at a table fast. Professor Snape went to make a quick and short speech. "You all know that the Dark Lord is looking for Mr Potter. Well now it is time for Potter to give up hidding", He warned, then cleared his throat. Alecto Carrow whispered something into Professor Snape's ear and He took off immediately out the Great Hall doors.

"Where is he going" Spoke Marcus.

"Maybe to the Dark Lord", George said. The boys looked at each other and then noticed the two Carrows were guarding each end of the Great Hall. They were both scared and wondered what was going to happen next. 

Later Marcus and George went back to their Dorm and sat near the fire. Then George spoke. "I don't get why he who must not be named won't give up on Harry, i mean Harry is older now it's too late he is more powerful than any of us including...

"Voldemort", Came Marcus's voice out loud. So loud that people turned their heads to see what was going on. A tall male boy that was a prefect came walking through the portrait and told everyone they were needed in the Great Hall. "What now", Marcus questioned.

When they got their, there was no tables lined up and they were all pushed against the walls. Everyone was stood in groups in each group was a different house. The boys ran up to the end of the group and waited. Professor Snape was back standing on the throne that once belonged to Dumbledore.

"Now we have heard that Harry Potter was in sight earlier", Snape Smiled and saw a Slytherin about to answer.

"Yes, i saw him",called out a little girl at the far end the the Slytherin rows.

"It is to late he could be anywhere now", Argued Snape. "Take the lot of Slytherin away and back to the dungeon",He called out. Everyone laughed at Slytherin as they left the Great Hall. Then Snape cleared the lot of every house out the Hall, he was about to speak again about Harry Potter and only spoke his name. Then the last column of every house stopped walking and turned around so Snape could see between them all that Harry Potter was standing their with Ron and Hermione. 

"Seems you have a very bad security problem",Shouted Harry at Snape. Harry walked upwards to Snape.

"Uh Get him",Snape shouted as the two Carrows took out their wands and gave Harry an evil look. Harry was the first to cast.

"Expulso", He shouted. Alecto Carrow was hit in the stomach and fell back behind Alektos. Then Alektos cast Crucio and Harry blocked it with Protego.

"Confringo",Harry shouted. A blue spark came out his wand and shot up into Alektos, causing Harry to fall off his feet. Alektos was gone and he was finished for good this time. Alecto was already at Harry with Impedimenta spell. Harry tried to dodge it and the spell hit two tables that broke into half. Harry cast Expelliarmus and then Alecto fell onto one of the tables causing it to break aswell. The black dust picked her body up and vanished.

"NO, why  have you returned Potter", Snape Screamed. Snape got down off the golden eagle stand and took out his wand. He was about to flick it when. Professor McGonagall walked down the middle and pulled Harry away from Snape.

"Leave this to me Harry", Spoke McGonagall. "Snape your a coward you always were",She continued to speak. Expulso  was already flying its way to Snape as he apparated up into the sky. McGonagall was following his trail which was the black smoke or dust, you could call it. She was ready to cast and then saw Snape on top of one of the banners using protego. McGonagall was casting multiples of Expulso's into the air aiming towards Snape. He fell to the ground and gave up quickly. He stood at the end of the hall and looked like he was casting Avada Kedavra. Then Snape aimed the spell at the glass, it smashed all together and Snape apparated out the hall.

"Wow thanks", Said Harry.

"I would do anything for Hogwarts and its students Harry, so what do you need",McGonagall asked.

"Time, lots of time", He answered quickly. Harry left with Ron and Hermione both by his side and they left to the Room Of Requirement. 

"That was awesome, i can't believe we saw the whole thing", Marcus cheered. McGonagall cleared the Great Hall and told Marcus and George to set up the Hall for injured people. They were ready and happy to help Hogwarts and Students.                

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