I Call Upon Thee

This is a poem about three choices to make at the end- what would you choose and can you figure out which choice the characters make? (It may show up again in an actual story that Enya and I plan to work out) Also entered into the afterlife competition but regardless, some critiquing would be very helpful!


1. I Call Upon Thee

I call upon thee;
Oh! Shadows of Darkened Time,
Send to me what once was mine:
Send to me the Shadow's key.
I call upon thee;
Oh! Help me with this vile climb!
Give to me a friendly sign:
Give to me fate's company.
I call upon thee;
For I seek the serpent's head
Seeking soul's own harmony.
Inside I'm bloodshed and dead;
In this world: I am at sea.
Here I stand: life on thin thread.


"Stand tall and proud,
And lift the shroud.
When I am done,
Three in: take one..."

"Life may go on in pain:
Suffering at man's bane.
You'll cry, die, and learn:
Never here I'll return."

"Life may never have sting;
You could master death's ring!
You'll never have to go:
The gift of a shadow."

"Life may go on in death,
The soothing feel of death.
Nothing there is to dread:
For can you die when dead?"

Now faced with only three,
Pick the lone one do we.
Here in death's wicked grip,
We fear the fatal whip.


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