Unexpected Footage

What happens when you're asleep?
A story of one young girl who encounters the spiritual world - but in the worst way possible. Based on the action of the major motion movie, Paranormal Activity.
Don't read this book if you can't watch the movies.


1. The birthday

 "Well, darling, did you have a nice birthday?" asked Saffy's mum, after the party was over. "Wow, look at all those presents!"

 Saffy sat on her bed, staring at each one of them. Her fingers traced over the lace that curled around each one of them, her face beaming. She ripped the wrapping off each one as her mother stood watching in the corner, making comments such as "Wow, darling this is so kind of your auntie!" or "Darling, even I couldn't afford this!"

 It wasn't long until only one was left. So far she had big presents such as colouring pencils, fancy dresses and fun board games. She smiled as she opened the last one, tearing it carefully instead of the others. Inside was a rather grim looking piece, a specimen with symbols all over it.

 "What is it?" she asked.

 "Let me see," replied her mother, but when she walked over her smile turned to a frown.

 "Whoever could have sent you this?" She asked, puzzled but angry. "This is, you shouldn't be messing with this."

 "What is it, mum?" demanded Saffy impatiently. "Tell me!"

 "I have to go," said her mother. "I have a business trip, remember?"

 "You promised you would stay! And why all of a sudden? You seemed fine when I was opening my presents!"

 Saffy's mother ignored her.

 "At least tell me what it is!"

 Her mother opened the door, then looked out behind her.

 "It's an Oukja board."

 The door slammed in Saffy's face.

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