Best Friends Forever... I Think Not!!!!!

Lacey and Lacey have been best friends forever. They have other best friends, Katrina or Kat. Ariana or Ari. Alexis or Lexi. Aria. And Lyle. Lacey and Lucy think that they are best friends forever... Until Lacey and Lucy get tickets to a One Direction concert. When Lacey and Lucy fall in love with Niall. Some twists and turns happen, love triangles, and fun.


1. Meeting the characters


   Full Name: Lacey Ann Shay

   Age: 18

   Likes: Niall Horan, Being Crazy 

   Dislikes: Quiet Places.





   Full Name: Lucy Marie Mets.

   Age: 18

   Likes: Niall Horan, Being Quiet.

   Dislikes: Loud Places


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