escape this prison

A poem about a distraught woman, who has realised her relationship has gone down hill. She is hurt but understands that their relationship is not making them happy and understands that although it hurts, he is better off elsewhere.


1. escape this prison

I see him text
It makes him vex
To all these women
Oh yes, I've seen them
Flirty words, lots of kisses
I know its not me that he misses
He’s says I'm paranoid and I'm silly
What’s her name? Lilly? Billy? Or was it Tilly?

It’s clear to see
She’s the new me
Flirty, different, full of fun
You’all do things we've never done
She probably makes you smile more than I
All I can ever remember doing is make you cry
It kills me knowing that you have found love elsewhere
The bed, music, films, and a new future with her you want to share.

But it’s alright
I knew it that night.
When I saw your phone
And about me you did moan
She cheered you up, made you smile
Something I haven’t been able to do for awhile
She makes you so so happy and full of optimism
It’s time to escape the relationship that you call prison.

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