Our First Day

This is a short story I wrote for a project a while back so I just though I'd post it on here. It's a letter from a girl to her former best friend.

Hope you enjoy reading it!


1. Our First Day

Dear Hannah,

I can still clearly remember our very first day at high school.

I was sitting on my own at lunch, reading a book, far too shy to approach anyone. I’ve always been that way. Luckily, you weren’t quite as shy as me. You sat on the opposite bench to mine and told me you loved the book I was reading, you’d read it three times already. We instantly bonded over our mutual love of books and quite quickly, we became inseparable.

We stuck together for the first two years. People didn’t purposely outcast us, but we were never approached by many of our classmates during school hours. But that was okay because we had each other. I still look back on our completely crazy sleepovers. I’m sure you remember that time when we had a hair mousse fight in my bedroom! We sure had the craziest times.  

Before I met you I was a bit of a loner. It took me a while to learn to trust you. The day I realised I could count on you is a memory that is still quite raw in my mind. It was the time when that cute guy I’d been crushing on finally asked me out. You were happy for me but told me to be careful because you’d heard things about him.

For a short while I actually thought that you were just jealous. It was a week later when I found out you’d heard rumours that he’d only asked me out for a bet.

You were right.

Instead of saying ‘I told you so’, you sat there with me while I cried. You told me that I was too good for him anyway. That was when I truly realised that you were my best friend.

Our friendship stayed great between us for a long time. We had so many random times together and I still have so many hilarious pictures from those days! I really should be embarrassed by seeing how insane and immature we were, but I’m glad that we were so care free.

Then everything changed over that one summer. You somehow managed to bag yourself an invite to one of Lucy’s parties whilst I was at my grandparents’ house for the holidays. I don’t blame you for going. I mean, who in their right mind would turn down the invitation to hang out with Lucy Miller and her friends?

I remember coming back home, the week before we were due back at school. You came round to mine to tell me everything about the party (and about the hot guy you flirted with). I was thrilled that you’d managed to go to a party with the ‘A-list’ crowd.  

On our first day back, we walked to school together, going through our usual first-day-of-school routine of plotting what we were going to do throughout the year. It was all fine until lunch.

When Lucy asked you to come and sit by her, you tried to get me to come along too. You didn’t see the disapproving looks her and her friends were throwing at me. So instead I made some lame excuse about needing to do some extra work. I know you didn’t believe me, it was the first day back at school – we didn’t have any work yet. You went to her table and sat down anyway.    

Maybe I should have just sat with you. Maybe things would’ve been different if I’d have just proved to Lucy that I couldn’t be pushed out. But I’ll never know because I walked away that lunchtime.

I tried to reassure myself that things would be fine but I knew that everything was going to change from that moment.

I was right.

You did try, at first, to keep up our friendship. But pretty soon, you had a much busier schedule. Lucy had gotten you a job writing for the school magazine, like you’d always wanted to do. Lucy had also managed to set you up with that hottie from the party.

Your life was changing and mine was staying the same. It was a couple months before we drifted apart completely. You barely noticed me in the hallways anymore and at lunch you were always on Lucy’s table.

It felt like my first day of high school all over again. I was alone.

Today was our last ever first day at high school. I saw you walk into the cafeteria, hand-in-hand with your boyfriend. You seem so happy. Everything has changed for us.

Luckily, over this past summer, I’ve managed to find a way to make new friends. I managed to find myself a job at the local library and one of the guys from my History class works there. We’ve been talking a lot, so this year I’m not going to be alone at lunch.

Although our paths have changed direction and we are no longer part of each other’s lives, I hope you sometimes look back, as I do, on our times together when we were 14, crazy and care free.

Who knows? Maybe one day our paths will cross again and we can both look back at those pictures we have and laugh like we did those days.

But for now I wish you well and hope you are happy. Good luck with your final year.


Your Best Friend.

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