The pledge of Peter Smith

This poem sums up how in our modern society, the elderly are often vulnerable and abandoned and neglected. It is to serve a reminder to us that despite ageing they are still human beings.


1. The pledge of Peter Smith

I, Peter Smith, 73 years old,

Vow never to let my creaking bones get old.

I, Peter Smith, Frail and alone,

Vow never to be afraid of using the phone,

I, Peter Smith, forgotten and lost,

Vow that my life still has a cost.


I may be old but still have a heart,

Feelings, memories right from my start,

I’m not just a useless piece of flesh,

My eyes and body tired but memories fresh,

I can still give the world so much more,

So don’t forget me, I deserve an encore,

My life so long, eventful and fun,

Even if I can no longer run.


I, Peter Smith am still human.

I vow to keep it that way.

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