Blog in a Book

This is my blog thingy. Ill put in updates of contests and if im going to be doing any social interacting with you guys (such as group chats on kik, younow broadcasts, exc.).


1. Hey guys!

This is the place where all of you people who loved "jealousy" and "famous problems", can give me more ideas for stories. I wanna keep writing but i just am running out of ideas. This is where you can help me. I often do broadcasts on younow. Younow is a website where people can broadcast live, and they get at minute to say whatever they want to say, and at the end of the minute, if they have more thumbs down, than they have thumbs up, then they get kicked out of the broadcast. But if they have more thumbs up, they get to stay on for another minute. I go on younow as much as i can, and if would be fun to do a live broadcast with some of you guys there! I also do group kik chats. I have people comment their kiks, and i add them all into one big chat, where we can talk about whatever. So like this book if you think this will be a good idea! If not... then ill just delete it! :D

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