Everything happen for a reason

Four friend s are walking to one direction tickets and they bump into Niall , harry and zayn


1. First encounter

One day Marcie ,Kate ,rhiva , and  meline  were walking to get one direction tickets. On there way, they bump into Niall,zayn,and harry. They talk for a bit and Niall,zayn and harry hand them there number. Later that day , they went to a local  club when they spotted Marcie,rhiva,Kate and meline walk in. They stop and walk right over where they were sitting. When kayla, there best friend, told them to hurry up because they need to go to the concert the next day, the girls just walk out and made there way to the Limo. After drinking, the girls arlready got there tickets and headed back to Marcie's place to have a sleepover.



Marcie's  point of view

Well meline ask" What are we going to do?"  Then the phone rings, I answered and it was Niall. He asked if  meline was there,  so I headed towards the bedroom where meline was. I handed her the phone and walk off. Me and rhiva talked about the concert the next day, I told her that it is going to be an awesome concert. Kate joined in, Kate said it's going to be amazing. Later on, Meline walk looking disappointed but when she heared  that we got tickets she was jumping  around and so were we . We feel asleep thinking about how much fun were going to have.


The next day,  they got up got breakfast, got dressed and headed out to go shopping at there local mall. They meet my friend Kayla at the mall they found out she was going to the concert to.So we went to the one direction store and bought 5 tee shirts with one direction designs on it. As we were getting ready to leave Liam bump into us, Kate got excited.

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