Who Do I Love?

Harry Styles helped me through everything, but what happened to us? What did I do wrong? Do I still love him? Or Do I really love....


1. Thank You, Styles.

Harry's P.O.V.

 "No, Please! Leave me alone!" I heard someone screaming from around the corner. I was just coming back from the bar. I only had a few shots before leaving. I could tell it was a young girl from the loud shrieking. Once I came around the corner, no one was there except some girl laying on the concrete. She seemed familiar... I rushed over to her to see if she was okay. "Hey! Are you okay?" I asked. She just shook her head and cried. I called 911 to come and in a matter of minutes they arrived.


 When we arrived to the hospital, I tried to comfort her by holding her hand. She just squeezed my hand tighter. The doctors examined her cuts and bruises, and soon came out with an outcome. "It seems as if this young lady has been raped. Ma'am can you please tell us everything that has just happened?" the doctor asked the girl in a curious attitude. She spoke with a gentle voice. "Well I was coming back from the bar and all of a sudden I noticed a man following me. Then he pushed me into a dark alley and attacked me. He then started touching me while I begged him to stop. I fell to the ground and he left. Then Harry found me." Wait... she knows who I am? She seems very familiar, but I can't remember her name.


 It was a Saturday and she had no one else to accompany her so I decided to stay with her. The doctors bandaged her cuts and she was noted to have some rest for a couple of days. They said they would find the man who attacked her by the help of her descriptions. I took her home and soon after she asked me to stay with her for a few days, she didn't feel safe just yet.


 The next morning I woke up on her couch to some rustling noises. The girl came out of the kitchen with a sandwich. "Hey. Sorry I couldn't quite remember what you would eat everyday." "Um I'm confused.... where have we met before?" "I'm Lia... We go to the same school..." Do we really? If we did, I would think I would remember the name of someone like her. I mean she is gorgeous. She has beautiful black hair with perfect curls. Her dark Brown eyes were just so adorable. She was curvy. She was just so perfect. "Really? I thought you looked quite familiar. How come I don't see you that often?" "Well I'm sort of the girl who is bullied... No one ever talks to me. I don't even know why. You never notice me because you're the popular one, remember?" How could anyone bully this angel?! "Oh..." I didn't know how to respond. I couldn't tell her how I thought of her yet. "Well moving on, thanks for what you've done for me. I'm surprised, knowing you're the cold hearted Type." "Cold hearted...?" "Yeah you never care about what other people think." "Oh, that's untrue! That is just an act. To be honest, I hate doing that. Do you even examine my so called 'friends' ? If they saw me caring, they'd make fun of me." Her face scrunched up as I said that. "Well maybe it would be a change to see how my life is..." I noticed little teardrops appearing into her eyes. I needed to fix this. I hugged her, letting her cuddle up close to my chest. I rested my chin gently on top of her head. Soon, we fell asleep on the couch.

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