On The Way To Stardom

Nikki Brooks dreams of the path to stardom. She dreams to meet celebs. She covers songs. She wants to make it as a musician. Most of her family and classmates never supported her. Nikki knew she could do it. She didn't need their approval. She could make it on her own. Nikki is one of those fangirls. She dreams of meeting One Direction, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, The Script, Taylor Swift and all those celebs. She's not the type to stalk them, but she knows enough about them. Nikki wants to make it big as a musician and nothing is going to get in her way. Nothing.


1. My Life.

"...I'd sooner buy defying gravity. Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity. I think I'll try defying gravity. And you won't bring me down! Bring me down! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!

Thank you for listening! Bye!"

Click. Click. Done. Uploaded to YouTube. That was one of my favorite songs, Defying Gravity. I could sing that over and over.

I'm Nikki. Nikki Brooks. I've been covering songs since last year. I'm on the pathway to stardom, bebez. I'm 18 years old, almost 19.

I love music. I feel that my true passion is music. I sing at these cafe's for money. Sweet, huh?

I dream of meeting all the celebs and maybe even collaborating with them. My full name is Nicole Ami Brooks and I love my name. The name of a future celeb, might I add.

I have jet black hair, you can say I'm tall, I have brown eyes. I'm a single pringle. I know what I want to do with my life. I want to be a star, known by many, inspiring to many. My own family doesn't support my decision, except my older sister, Ciara.

Right now, she is a dancer. Just a dancer. She is one of my many inspirations. Maybe one day, she could be a dancer for one of my songs. It would be an honor. She's 21 years old and in great shape.

As for my younger brother, Jackson, he wants to be an athlete. He's 17. I totally believe he can do it, but he has no faith in Ciara's and my career choice. It's my life. I have total faith in myself. Ciara and I have gotten past those negative remarks and can do this on our own. 

I'm a middle child. I kinda like it though. Jackson, Ciara and I actually got along quite well, during our years together. We give each other space when we need it. We comforted each other. We still don't fight till this day.

Even though Jackson doesn't think we can make it, he doesn't insult us as much as you think he would. I love him for that. 

Our mom is a teacher at one of the local schools. We are all bright kids because of it. Our dad is a exterminator. Good. He takes care of the loose animals and insects. I love our family. I hope nothing will break us apart. Other than death. Death is natural and it will happen to all of us. I just don't want it to happen soon. Knock on wood. 

Usually, I'll go out to the park and get some inspiration for my songs. I was actually just about to go out. 

"Dad, I'm going to the park."

"Nikk, can you take Jack with you?" Dad requested.

"Sure, dad. Hurry up, Jack!" I yelled.

"I'm coming. Hold your horses." Jack said.

"I don't have any horses. Now, come on." We walk to the park because I refuse to get a car. I don't like the feeling of driving. I always go to my favorite tree and sit under the shade. Jack always plays basketball with the neighborhood teens. I look at all the nature around me. The ideas start flowing. I love this park so much. I love my life. Hey, there's my best friend, Tasha.

"Hey, Tasha!" She is with someone. It's a guy. "Who's this?" I point to the guy.

"Omg Nik...he's my boyfriend, James. Remember?" Tasha reminded me.

"Oh yea. Sorry. Hey, James." I apologized.

"Oh, hey. Did you gain weight lately, Nik?" James remarked. That was rude. Tasha started laughing. What the heck, Tasha? You don't defend me?

"Hey, James, did you gain an attitude lately? What's your problem?"

"Nik, stop yelling at my boyfriend. Geez, he was just joking." 

"You know what? Bye, Tasha." I got up and walked away. Well, then. What is wrong with them? Especially Tasha. She's my best friend. What was that all about? Whatever. It's getting dark.

"Jack! We're leaving!" Jack said bye to his friends, then ran over to me. We started to walk home. Today got a bit weird. Maybe it will clear up tomorrow.


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