When It All Fell Down

It all fell down when I fell in love with you. It all fell down when I talked to you. It all fell down when I laughed with you, sat with you, looked into your eyes, and smiled with you. But now, I've fallen down because you've broken my heart. (Dedicated to Eduardo, Jose, and Filiberto.)


1. How It Started

 Jade's POV

"Ok class, we're going to be switching seats today." My teacher, Mr.Foster, explained. 

My friend and I talked, while our teacher assigned seats. 

"Victoria, right here next to.. Mr.Malik."

She gasped, since Zayn was pretty cute. We've never really talked to him, just weird side conversations here and there.

Mr.Foster continued,"Harry, over here next to Victoria." I saw him smirk as he sat down next to my best friend.

"Sup Hazza," Zayn said, doing there handshake.

The teacher sat everyone down, except for Louis, Liam, Niall, Freddy, and I.

"And lastly, Freddy, next to Freddy is Jade, then Niall. Louis, sit upfront here next to Jorge." Mr.Foster said, gesturing the open seat.

I settled down in my seat, Freddy poking my stomach in the process. I groaned, he can get pretty annoying at times.

"What's wrong, Jade?" Freddy laughed. "You!" I exclaimed, punching his arm.

I heard Niall laugh as Freddy doubled over in pain, clenching his now-bruising arm.

"Jade! You have to be careful with him! He is Andrea's 'property'!" Victoria said, motioning over to Andrea's head of curls.

I giggled, maybe sitting here isn't going to be all that bad.

 Victoria's POV

"Hey, Tori," Harry said. I rolled my eyes,"I don't like when people call me that! Remember?" 

"C'mon, I was just playing around." 

"Ok, fine. Just because I'm that nice." He gave me a 'Bro Hug', the typical 'Guy Hug' for each other.

"Oi, Harry, you guys no each other?" Zayn asked. We nodded,"Since we used to walk home together." Zayn nodded,"Cool."

"Nice to meet you," Zayn said, sticking out his hand,"Cutie."

Harry laughed as I blushed,"Nice to meet you, too." I replied shaking his hand, my insides going all crazy, just by his touch.

He laughed along with Harry, seeing that I was still blushing a deep shade of red. 


My friends and I were squirming through the crowd of older kids to go upstairs for third period. 

Luckily, the vice-principal, Mr.Voit, was there to instruct on how to properly walk up the stairs. 

Thanks to him, we made it on time.


"Welcome class, if you were in Mr.Fosters class, you would know that the six-week grading period has ended. And now, we're changing seats. I have the seating chart on the SmartBoard, so go ad find your seats." Our teacher, Ms.Palamino, said.

I went up And look: 

Victoria, Zayn. Amy, Christian

I smiled, I'm with Zayn again. 

"Hey Tori, looks like we're gonna be partners for the next six weeks," He winked.

"Awesome," I blushed.

This is gonna be great.



New movella :D Comment if you like ( or not )! This story is based on my friend ( LizzyLuvsBooBear ) ad I :D so hope you like it!!

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