The New Girl

Jessica is a shy teenager that lives with her newly-divorced mother. When she, her sister, and her mom moves from New York to Florida, she meets a boy named Chase that gradually pulls her out of her shell. But over time, Jessica starts to have feelings for Chase, but is afraid of what will happed if she tells him how she feels. Will they stay in the friend zone, or become more than friends?


1. Introduction

Hello, my name is Jessica Daly. I have straight, long brown hair, light skin and blue eyes. I'm straight A student, but I'm really shy. My mom is now Rachel Jackson since she divorced my dad. I have a younger sister named Cassandra, but she's really annoying. My two best friends are Rebecca and Miya Brooks. They are identical twins and I think I'm the only one who can tell them apart from each other. I used to go to Washington High, but I moved so now I go to Princeton High School in Florida. I guess it's okay since we now live next to beach, so I can spend most of my time there. So far, I have no friends here, but that could change.

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