He saved my life

Summer is a shy girl,who keeps her self to her self doesn't have many friends, but the ones she does have are great, they never leave her side when she needs them the most. What happens when a random boy justin bieber ( justin is not famoues) saves her from getting hit by a car, but ends up regretting it.
Justin is a bully at summers school and has been bulling her for the bast 4 years, he hates her and she hates him, until he saves her, she's great full but hes not.
Will justin ever regret bulling summer? Or will he Carry on?


1. Just leave me alone!

It was a Monday morning and I am just ready to go to school until my mum shouts me from upstairs

mum- sweetheart. when you get back I won't be hear ill be out for the night, ill leave you some dinner.

summer- ok mum, bye.

mum- bye

 I walked out the door and set of for school, I'm not looking forward for this, it's the same every morning I get up, have a shower, brush my teeth have breakfast, go to school, get in school and get bullied. Great!! There's this one guy, justin... Justin bieber, he hates me and frankly, I hate him after the way he treats me. He thinks he's a bad boy just because he's so popular and he thinks he can bully me everyday at school. It's been going on for 4 years now and iv had enough!! 

I get to school and just as I'm about to open the doors, guess who pushes me out the way, so I hit the floor!?

justin- move,geek!!! 

He pushes me out the way as I hit the floor justin and his gang walk in the door and start to laugh. What's so funny about this?? I get my self up of the floor and brush my self of. I open the door's and head to my locker

as i get to my locker I see my friends, Abby,katie and sammy. 

Abby's my bestfriend and she always looks out for me and the rest of us, she's like a big sister.

abby- hey you! Where have you been? 

Summer- well I was walking in the doors until mr bad boy over there and his 'gang' pushed me to the floor. 

Abby- AGAIN!!! Right let me at them!!

me- wow there girl, slow down, it's fine I swear.

abby- fine but one more thing and I will pounce like a tiger!! 

Sammy- of corse you will Abby,corse you will.

As I open my locker the bell rings

abby- see you in class.don't be late. 

Katie- when is she late? 

Me- haha funny. See you in one second.

the three of them walk of into class. I'm never late to class and I never will be, call me a geek all

you want, but I want to get somewhere in life! Any way miss brook is late to class everyday for

 history! About 20 minutes! So I have time to get there plus it's right across from my locker, so It will take me a second to walk there.

juat when I thought everyone headed of to class, my locker door slammed shut, nearly trapping my fingers.

justin- HEY geek, don't be late for class, your never late!!! 

Me- so!?!

iv learnt to put up with all this crap, so it's alright! 

Justin- little miss perfect wanna say something!?!?

i just stand there 

justin- thought not! 

He got closer and pushed me against the locker and kicked me in the leg really hard! He can't do that! Is not fair! Why can't he just leave me alone!! 

He walks of to class with a smirk on his face! 

I stand up wishing I just lay there and die! But I can't be late for class. I get the books I need and Head of to class while limping.

i walk into class where as normal, miss isn't at her desk. I limp over to Abby and the rest who were looking at me funny, I got stopped by justin sticking his leg out witch made me trip over and face plant the floor! Ouch! 

Everyone started laughing! Again why is this so funny! Abby runs over to me helping me up, not saying a word she helps me to my desk.

abby- OH GOD summer are you ok?? 

Me- yeah, I'm fine. Is there any blood? 

Abby- no, your good. Why were you limping? 

Me- oh, he pushed me to the locker and kicked me, but it's no big deal! 

Katie- erm yeah it is!! 

Sammy- you need to tell someone!

me-NO, I can handle it!! 

Just then mis brook walked into the class room!

mrs- good morning class, take your seats! 

That class was really fun! Apart from when justin and his ' gang' were throwing things at me. But who cares right? I got up out of my seat limping into the hallway, people pushing past me, people laughing at me,people staring at me,people pointing and laughing at me. Why am I the one who gets laughed at, what have I done! Just leave me alone.

just then the guy I really hate and want to punch the post walked behind me and pushed me over so I hit the lockers,again! 

Justin- move it ugly I need to get past, but don't look at me, you scare me!! 

Everyone laughed!

- thanks. 

- no problem ugly!

I'm am still looking at the lockers seen as that's where I ended up, face planting the lockers.

no one had stopped laughing yet! Great, first being pushed to the ground, then being pushed to the lockers then being kicked , then being tripped over then face planting the floor then face planting the lockers.

can this day get worse!! Wait for it...

justin- oi, crap bag, I didn't know you sleep with a teddy bare at night called mr snuggle bottom!!

everyone started screaming with laughter. I don't even have a teddy called that nor do I sleep with one!! 

I could feel tears in my eyes, as they started to roll Down my cheeks people started to laugh more. I can't stay out hear.

i ran to the bathroom and locked my self in one of the stalls! I'm never coming out!!! 



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