Will you believe me?

Dette er et engelsk digt, som jeg skrev midt om natten, da jeg vågnede og ikke kunne sove, fordi det kværnede rundt i mit hoved.

This is a poem, that I wrote in the middle of the night, because I could not sleep for it running around in my head.


1. Will you believe me?

I carry so much pain

It is a surprise 

That I am still alive

I carry so much pain

That I can hardly be the same in your eyes


If you loved me back then

Will you ever be able to love me again

If you really loved me

Will you see through my change?

Will you know the real me?

Even though I have got my scars


My heart is still the same

I still love you

I always did

I never stopped

But that is a cliché


Will you believe me

If I ever get the courage to tell you

Will you believe me

If I tell you

What I really feel?


Will you believe me?

If I tell you

I love you

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