rock me

do you remember summer 09? Yeah i do. i remember how the best summer of my life turned into the worst. i remember telling one of the most famous boys to rock me. and i remember finding out that i had to look after a small baby on my own after he left to become famous. thats right! me and liam payne in summer 09. they could never shut us down!


1. summer 09

vals p.o.v


"liam" i whispered into his ear

"yes val" he replied

"rock me!"

"you what?"

"you heard me, rock me!hit the pedal like heavy me you care."he looked at me in complete and utter confusion.

"okay" he said. he gently lead me off the beach and into the house we were staying in. we went straight to his room and closed the curtains. after we had finished we went back onto the beach. we watched the sun set and then gathered around the campfire with our mates. they didnt know what we had just done. but they didnt need to know. i got out my guitar and started playing. after a few songs i handed it to one of my mates matthew. liam whispered something in his ear and the nodded. he started whilst liam sung

"well sometimes i go out by myself and i look across the water

and i think of the things that you do and in my head i paint a picture

well since i come on home well my bodies been a mess

and i miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress

why dont you come on over, stop making a fool out of me

why dont you come on over valerie

valerie" i started laughing and he stopped singing.

"lee, you know i hate the name valerie. its val or ri okay!" i said and he nodded

"okay ri-ri" he replied. i snuggeled into his shoulder

"i cant believe tomorrows our last day here!" i said and he nodded. we met here by coincidence when both sets of mates booked the beach house for the same week but nobody cared. tomorrow me, matthew and sammy are going back to london whilst liam, charlie and annie are going back to wolverhampton. me and liam want to be together but we know its impossible. we're gonna keep in touch. we made tonight perfect. the tears rolled down my cheeks as the realisation that our perfect summer was coming to an end. we all headed back to the house as we had to get up early to leave tomorrow


the tears rolled down my face. i stared out onto the beach. the memories of 4 years ago flooded back into my mind. its been 4 years since i last stood here and said goodbye to the boy of my dreams.

"mummy" came a small voice. i turned to see a small little girl staring at me with her loving brown eyes. her light brown hair reached down to her shoulders. she looked the spitting image of her dad. she looked exactly like liam payne.

"yes baby" i replied. i picked her up and held her in my arms

"im cold" she whined

"lets go then" i replied. i lead her into the car and drove her home. we were almost there when i heard a song come on. i only caught bits of the verse but the chorus was pretty clear

"i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yh. i want you to rock me, rock me, rok me yh, i want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal show me you care. i want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yh." i couldnt help but smile. i got out of my car and went to get into my house. i was still holding my daughter bella. then i heard someone behind me

"why dont you come on over, valerie!" he sang. i turned around immediatly recognising his voice. oh my god.... LIAM!!!




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