Abandoned- Bastille Pompeii

Short story for the song inspired competition. Hope you enjoy!


1. Run.

Keep Breathing.


Keep Breathing.


Don't stop running. Whatever you do, don't stop. They will find you. And when they do, they'll kill you.


All these thoughts kept swirling through my head as I ran through the empty streets of the city. These thoughts kept me going, it kept me moving. I bet I would of stopped weeks ago if my willpower wasn't as strong as it is. My lungs screamed for air as fatigue swept over my entire body. However, I kept going. I kept moving. I had to get away, I have to- If i want to survive. I don't have a choice. If they find me, I'll die. I remember when things were happier, easier, when I had a caring family that loved me. But that was long ago. Things have changed.

It was when the clouds came. They marched across our bright, blue skies like planes on their way to war. Everyone in the streets left their houses to witness the strange phenomenon that occured in our skies; we never had horrible days, only sun. Soon enough, the whole sky was filled with darkness. That was when it happened. Small whisps of black, like ash, fell from the clouds and to the citizens below. At first it just landed to the ground but then it did something. Something that I can't explain but will forever live in my memory; for as long as I live. Everyone (excluding me) looked up towards the heavens not saying anything. Silence fell throughout the city. Then shadows crept in their eyes until even the pupils were gone; all that remained was black. But it didn't happen to me. For whatever reason, I was the exeption. I still don't know why. I stood there in horror as my parents and my older brother succumbed to the force that had it's hold on  the entire city'spopulation. Then the silence was broken. It was if they all shared a connection with eachother or something as they mouthed the same three words in unison. Kill the unwanted. Kill the unwanted. Kill the unwanted.

All their heads swivelled over to my direction which was when I knew that I was the target. Without a second thought, I darted towards the other direction as I knew I would no longer be safe with any one. This was something that I had to face alone. I was a threat to my own family which hurt. The pain of knowing that your family wants to kill you breaks you inside. It's as if my walls were tumbling down inside of me and there would be no repairing it. I will forever remain broken. Tears stung my eyes as I dashed into the alley ways and out of the light.

So this is my life. I'm always on the run. Survival is the only option I have.

 I felt my lungs were about to burst from auxaustion so I came to a halt. I stood there with my hands on my knees; breathing in gulps of air. I'm so thirsty. And hungry for that matter. I've already run out of food but I can't risk going to an abandoned shop as I could get caught. You see, since everyone became possessed, no one uses the buildings anymore. They only wonder the streets. Looking for me. I guess I'll have to wait until morning. It was normally quiet at the beginning of the day. I slumped against a cold wall as my eyes began to droop. Hopefully I'll be alright. For now. I'm in the depths of the city so they shouldn't find me for a while. The freezing air bit my face which made me long for a warm blanket. Even though the conditions were poor, I fell fast asleep.



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