Inspired by a comment on my previous piece 'The state of government' by JCesq, this is about the need to help other nations achieve what I believe is special about my country, and how we achieve that. I hope you enjoy, and as ever, I'd love to see your comments on the matter, so I can improve my knowledge.


1. Freedom from the perspective of the UK

I live in a nation, that despite its many faults, is a free one, and one that enjoys freedom more than most other nations on earth. These freedoms are easily and are often taken for granted. We moan and grumble, but despite this. We always can put our views forward in the knowledge that it will be heard, and can be acted upon.

This is not so true in other countries. In some nations, on every continent, there are people without a voice, without the security that we enjoy here, that can't vote, can't speak out, and even cannot protest in safety.

It is the duty of people with many, to give to those you have little, and in this spirit of charity, we should go and help other nations.

It would be wrong however, to go and destroy what those people already had with harsh attempts at change. This is what we have seen in the spreading of British values in the empire days, when we destroyed nations, not helped, with the false pretence of freedom and Christianity, neither can we force democracy on others as has effectively happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. This only leads to false democracy - in both those nations, despite the original regimes put in place by we westerners promising for democracy, still have not changed leadership.

How do we go about helping then.

We certainly cannot leave them be, we cannot simply let people die as despots and corrupt governments cling on to power against the will of its people. David Cameron, hosting the G8 meeting, urged nations to donate money to feed the hungry, so people with little, could obtain some from those that had plenty. Here is a solution. Here is not a suggestion to send farmers from our nation to another in the promise that there will be more food from it, but to give finance to those that do know their nation, the soil they live on.

This seems an appropriate way to bring about freedom. Help people we know want democracy and freedom, and give them the means to achieve it on their own. Freedom and democracy are in some ways as important as grains of wheat and rice. Let's give that to others.

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