Save Me, Romeo

For the 'inspired by a song' competition.

I do not want to write a description of the story because it would then be too obvious what the song is. If you have read/are reading this story, thank you for taking the time, is all I can say.

I hope you enjoy reading this, as much as I enjoy writing it, and maybe, you could listen to the song if you have worked it out which one it is?

Thank you, again, and wish me luck for the competition! :)


1. The Ball Tomorrow

I wake up in the dead of the night, disturbed from my soundless overnights sleep, dreaming of tonight's ball.  A smile spreads across my face and a small giggle escapes from my slightly parted lips. I am excited and ecstatically happy because this is the first ball I have been permitted to go to, due to my age.

I am a young age of 17, with straight long brown locks of hair. I have chestnut brown eyes and plump red lips. According to father, I am well mannered and quite tall for my age, and very pretty. 

I just hope I am pretty enough for a boy to offer to dance with me.   As my eyes flit across from one end of the room to another, the sound outside my door gradually grows louder. 

I scrunch my eyes up and bury my head deeply into my pink satin covered pillow. But when the noise grows louder, I groan in frustration and slip out of bed, flipping the satin covers over myself and pad lightly to the door dressed in my long white nightgown.

I reach the door and tentatively press my ear against the cold, hard wood, listening to the noises on the other side.

"Quickly, quickly! We must finish the decoration in the ballroom!" I hear someone say, followed by a few murmurs of disapproval.

When preparing for balls, the castle is always busy. Father orders every maid and servant to help, and is only satisfied when the work is finished to perfection. But this time, this ball, is planned to be even more grand than all of the previous ones added together, organised by Father, in hope of making this ball the most memorable of mine.

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