Just Another Day at Nando's


1. Getting Ready for Work

Jadyn's POV~

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" My alarm clock goes off. I press the snooze. I drag myself out of bed. I change into my Nandos T-shirt and short jean shorts. I walk to my makeup table. I put on my makeup and stragitened my hair. I live in a two story house by myself. My parents bought it for me because they did not walk me to live in the dorms at college, I go to school in Dublin. My dad is a judge. My mom is lawyer. Boring right. I'm going to school for Marine Biology. I work at Nandos. I don't really have any friends. Everyone thinks I'm stuck up and snobby just because my sister is like that. I walk down to the kitchen and make cinnoman toast. I eat it fast then go to my car. I drive to work. I put on my aypron and walk to a table with a blonde boy sitting at it alone. "Hello welcome to Nando's I'm your waitress, my name is Jadyn, and what would you like to drink?" I say quickly. His eyes meet mine. They were a beuatiful blue. "Uh, Coke I guess." He says. "Do I know you?" I ask. "Uh, well, I'm in a band, One Direction." he says. "Oh yeah! I will be right back with your drink." I say. I was not a HUGE fan of One Direction, but I know all there names i just don't know which one he was. Mabye Harry. He kinda looks like a Niall. Mabye Louis. I'll ask when I get his Coke. I filled to clear cup with ice. I filled it with coke and walked back to his table. "Here you go!" I say with a smile. "Thanks, I'm Niall by the way." He says. I knew it. "Ok, Niall, are you ready to order?" I say getting out my notepad. "Yes, I want to 10 piece fried chicken with fries." He says causally. My eyes widen. "Um, Ok.." I say. "Will that be all?" I ask. He nods and I turn to the kichen, and I feel something slip into my pocket. I put the order on that line thingy for the chef and I check my pocket. There was a note that said and phone number and signed Niall.  I raise my eyebrows and look out the door at Niall's table and he is smirking at me. I roll my eyes playfully and I go back out there. "Really?" I ask playfully. "Yeah, I was wondering if you would want to go on a date with me? I'm going to be in Dublin for about 2 months." He says. "I'll call you." I say and walk back to the kitchen and grab his food. "Here you go." I say setting the plate infront of him. "Thanks." he says.

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