The Shadow

This story is about a discriminated boy, his beliefs< and his struggles.


1. The Beginning

Chapter 1


It all started on that Monday. The move, the goodbyes, and the new enemies.

Our family, the Zaain-Mans, had just bought a little flat in the heart of Manchester. In london the houses were expensive, and with five people living in that smelly, tiny flat, we just couldn't cope with it.

Nobody would ever employ us for a saturday job, and Ma never told me why. So sacrificing all our weekly pocket money of 50p for a chance of a better life, was a long and painful process.

"Adrian! Please get up! We are moving today, no?" My mothers stong accent rung through my ears as i lay on my mattress in my brothers room. I shared with Damien, Jorje, and Moshe. My two sisters slept in my mothers room. I groaned and shouted "I do not even want to move today, Ma!"

"Moenie my kwaad, Adrian!" she bellowed. her deep voice resembled her figure. She was a big woman, with deep coffee coloured skin and really easy to love. Her only flaw is that she sat on us when we stayed in bed. That was why our family were never, ever late for school.

" Ok, ok, Ma!" I shouted back. I didn't really fancy being sat on, so I got up. I looked around our cluttered bedroom to look for my clothes. I couldn't find them, but i distinctly remembered that i neatly folded them and layed them on the foot of my bed. I groaned. I could not move house in just my underwear, so i wrapped myself in my duvet and went downstairs. The hall was full of boxes, piled high, lining the walls, but i was suprised we had so much stuff. I went into the kitchen to consult my Ma about my missing clothes.

The kitchen was filled with the comforting smell of bacon and eggs, with the radio perched on top off a box, playing music I'd never heard of.

"Ma?" I began. "i can't find my clothes. Do you know where they are?" Without looking up from her cookbook, she said simply "Yes."

I waited for an answer, and then I groaned. Ever since we applied for the new school, Ma has been testing us on our grammar. I sighed and said "Please can you tell me where they are?"

" I could, but I won't." She turned and raised an eyebrow at me. Then I caught on.

"Please may will you tell me where they are?" I bit my lip. If i got this wrong, I would get no breakfast. Her saying is "If you speak sloppy words, your food will be sloppy- the waiter did not understand you!" I do not really understand this saying but I do love my food.

"No." she said with a smirk. She turned around and burst out laughing.

"Your brother-" she spluttered between bursts of laughter "wore them for his interview for his new job! They are cleaner than his!!!"


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