The Knock: Humble Horror II

my second humble horror :) hope you liked it as much a the first one :)x


1. The Knock: HH II

After a traumatic day of fear and pain, i lay in my hospital bed, finally relaxed and alone; totally alone...

I then realised that the other patients that had been in I.C.U before my sudden arrival had all left. Not a single person was still in their bed, except me. Paranoia consumed me as the thought of being alone was realised in my mind and was soon replaced with fear. Almost as a response to my agitation, a baby started shrieking in the ward on the other side of the silent corridor. When a dog's howl accompanied the baby's my soul knew that this was the end. I had to leave. Now!


I sat up and as i put my feet to the floor i gasped in pain as my nervous system seemed to explode within my leg. I bit my lip and stood but one step towards the door my broken limb failed me and i slumped to the ground in agony. At this point several other dogs had joined the first in its sorrowful chorus, as if all their owners had left them at once...


Then they stopped


The baby stopped crying and my heart stopped beating for a split second, as i heard the sound that i wished i would never hear again...


A knock at the door.

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