Nerd Girl

Emiline Martin. She is smart, quiet and the biggest of all nerds. When she starts her own story about her own life and what she had always dreamed would have happened and it gets published she has a lot of readers, even from her bad boy crush. When he falls behind on his grades she will have to be there to tutor him. In the end will he finally discover that her story is actually about him? Or will she have to spell it out for him?

His name is Dylan, I really like him. The way he talks, the way he walks and the way he just is. But it would never work. He is popular. That's just how the world works I guess. Strong parents choose a strong mate so their offspring will have a better chance at survival. It just goes that way. I can't change it, only the world can. But don't get your hopes up. Hope breeds eternal misery.


1. The start of my story

*Emiline's POV*

"Mrs. Martin?" My English teacher calls, taking attendence.

"Here." I say back.

She continues on with names as I take out my research paper. When she sits back down at her desk, I stand up with my paper. She smiles when I arrive at her desk. I give her my paper even though it's not due for another week. She is my favorite teacher, we talk to each other about books, poems, and I told her about how I was going to start my own story. As she grades my paper she starts to talk.

"So Holly, how is your story going? I would love to read it sometime."

"I haven't started it yet, I can't think of anything to write about."

She looks away from my paper and up at me. "Why don't you write about yourself, about your life."

"Isn't that kind of boring, nobody would want to read a book about me?"

"I would." She smiles. "Plus, you can change it up a bit, but use personal experiences."

"I never thought of that. I will think about it and when it's done you will be the first to read it."

"Happy to help. Nice job on your paper, perfect score." She tells me handing my paper back.


When I got home, I had no homework. If I am going to start a book, then I need a book to do it in. I grabbed my stuff to drive to the store.


I picked out a medium sized black book, it had a lot of pages inside and a long strip of ribbon to use as a book mark. I love it. As soon as I got home, I sat down and started to write.

Title: Nerd Girl

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