Lost In My Bully's Eyes (COMPLETED)

Tina and Emma go to school together, and they get the exciting news that One Direction will be attending their same school. Emma loves One Direction, but Tina not so much. When One Direction comes Zayn decided Tina would be the perfect target to kill emotionally. So Zayn starts bullying Tina, but it's not long until for some stupid reason Tina starts falling for Zayn. Will Zayn start falling for her too?


1. One Direction Is Coming?

"TINA!!!!!" Emma yelled loudly across the hallway.

"Emma shut up!" I exclaimed, looking around with all eyes on us.

"THEY'RE COMING!" she screamed.

"Emma shhhhh!" I said, putting my finger on her lips.

She bit my finger and yelled,


Some girls started screaming. And I got confused.

"What?" I asked confused.

"They're. Coming. To. This. School."

"I get that. But how do you know?" I asked.

"The principal told me!"

"Ugh shit. This year is gonna be hell. When are they coming?" I sneered.

"Tomorrow!" she said excitedly.

"You're kidding," I said rolling my eyes.

"Nope!" she exclaimed.

"Well control yourself when they come kay?" I said, walking to my class.

"I can't!" she said, as she went the other way.

One Direction. Coming to this school? This school is going to change so much. Emma is going to change so much. I really do not want this. Not at all.

I walked into my science classroom, and the bell just rang as I sprinted to my seat. My table was in the front, and no one sat next to me. I wonder why the teacher put no one next to me, I'm shy I don't talk much.

"Okay class," my teacher said clapping her hands together. "I have some exciting news."

The whole class started listening closely.

"A very popular pop star is going to be in this class tomorrow, and the rest of the years!" she exclaimed.

"WHICH ONE DIRECTION BOY?!" one girl yelled.

My teacher chuckled, then responded,

"Um, Zayn Malik I believe?" the teacher said sounding unsure.

"OH MY GOD!! ZAYN?! HE'S THE HOTTEST ONE! OH MY GOD!" the same girl screamed.

"SHUT UP!" one guy, Blake, in my class screamed.

The whole class laughed, but the girl looked down, and sighed.

"All right everyone calm down now. And he's going to be sitting right next to Tina," the teacher said as she winked at me.


I don't want Zayn Malik sitting next to me. Emma is gonna die of jealousy, and he seems like he's the biggest douche of them all.

"Anyway, on topic again, everyone get your homework out," my teacher said walking back to her desk.

I didn't go into my backpack to get my homework out, I was too focused on thinking about Zayn.

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