What will happen when Fiona and Faleron's father goes missing, why did a mysterious man should up at there door. Find out in this short story I started making up during English class for a project we never finished.


1. unexpected visit

Life is full of surprises, but I was not ready for this.  

My name is Fiona, I go to a regular middle school and have regular friends (or as regular as they can be).  My mom died when my baby brother Faleron was born but our dad took care of us as well as he could.

Then he was gone, I had just woken up and was getting my breakfast when my little brother who was only four years old came running to me and started crying.  I hugged him and asked him what was wrong.  He said that dad was gone, I ran up to our dads room and he wasn’t there, the window was smashed and the room was a mess.  Suddenly the doorbell rang, I walked down to the door and looked through the peephole.  Outside was a man dressed in a black suit and carrying a suitcase.  For some reason I opened the door and invited him in.  We all sat down in the living room me and Faleron sitting on the couch and the man in the suit in our dads favorite armchair.  He said that his name was Jonathon, but I had a strange feeling that this man couldn't be trusted even though he said he was from the F.B.I.  He had bleached hair and aquamarine eyes.  His skin was a sickly white but he seemed to stand as if he was invincible.  He opened his suitcase and pulled out two files.

“Fiona Stone, born July fifth 1998, female, ginger hair, green eyes.  Faleron Stone, born August 28 2008, male, ginger hair, pale blue eyes, mother died giving birth.  Mother, born Keladry Keenan, Father born Nealan Stone.”  The man in the suit had a voice that sounded like a stream on a calm day.  
    I was confused, “Why are you telling us this?” I asked.  

“Because you can’t be who you are anymore.  Your dad was taken last night by a group of bandits, they call themselves The Mountain Men.  We have been investigating his disappearance ever since we got an anonymous phone call from someone who said they saw a group of people  climbing into a window.  They said that they heard a crash and the group left abruptly with something sticking out of a burlap sack.  They will be coming back for you two, so we’re going to have to protect you.  The F.B.I have new identities for you and we have foster parents who are aware of your situation and have agreed to take care of you. Now, please come outside to the car and we will take you to your new home.”

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