Tydraa is a Veela from her Mutherss side and is aslo a witch but her father is the dark lord she stays with Severs and is starting her first year at hogwartswere she meets Potter, Weaslys ,Granger ,and MAlfoy and on the way a few others Join her .. Also a Love story she is in love with not only Draco but also Fred WEasly but Gorge likes her two .. See wich house shes in and well expor. TYdraa lives with her father over brake and half of summer but is a only child o Voldamort and he loved her more then anything even though Belltrix is trying to stop it...


1. Chapter 1 (Tydraa Riddle)

 I wake up in my bed room "Sea" my dad calls i get up and get dressed in my silver robes and go down stairs "Hello Daddy" I huged him "let me see your eyes" i lifted up my face to see my fathers snake eyes on mine his are yellow but mine are Sea Green thats why im named Tydraa I have chesnut hair its dark but light like my mum's "Hello Mum" Belltrix hugs me and stokes my hair "My little baby sea" she smiles even though my father dosnt love her he need a nother riddle and that me Tydraa Holly Riddle.There was a knock on the door the house elf got it then Draco walked in "Hello Anut Bella" he said and she huged him she loved me more than anything couse i was hers and the dark lords only baby "Tydraa" draco said "Yes hello" I spit hes a big Prat "so you exited about Hogwarts its are 1 year" I huffed a big breath "Duh its all mum and dad talk about " I smaked his head we are best frineds we sat at the lake edge "Oh thank you for that but i think u missed my shoulder" I laughhed "So what do you think youll be put in" he asked me and i smiled "Im hopeing Grffindor" he looked at me strang "Just kidding you know i love my daddy so slythren'' he smiled and nodded "same" huh not a big diffrenc is there in my family me and draco are like Bestfreinds. The Next week we went shoping well i did with Draco and his family they loved me couse im there lords child "Okay first wands" Lucuse said Nicress smield and nodded "okay" we headed to Olivanders to get our wands I tryed about 6 till I see a wand about 13 inches good for Transfigres Oliver said it was black with a snake going from the top the snake head is at the bottom holding a rose  i picked it up and it shown i felt warmth go threw my fingers "THere you go you see and Draco now you and Tydraa" next we went to the Owl Empriom we walked in "Look Draco at the Cat" I pointed to the long haird white cat  Blue eyes"That is  a girl " But Draco led me to the Owls I saw one it was Black owl wih red eyes  "I want that cat and that owl" I said and gave the women the money for both "enjoy" she said Draco got an owl and named him NightMare "Mine are both girls" i said "the Cat I think I will  Her Ice and the owl i think I will name her Halo" Draco looked at me "so Ice and halo" i nodded and smield next we got our robes thenour books after that we whent back to my house.My Muther walked up to me and gave me a hug when she saw i got an owl she bust out crying and then i showed my father my cat he smiled at me and hugged me "so you have two" I smield "yes Daddy" he smield at me "I have a gift for you Princess its a family airloom" he gave me a red boxs i opend it in side layed a neckliace it was a golden locket with a Snake on it on the inside a S in silver and gold was incorved and a picter of my parents holding me"Thank YOU Daddy"I Hugged him "I love you daddy" i wisperd in side of his cloke "i love you two sea"....

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