What happens after?

My name is Zoe… I have always wondered about the after life. What happens? Is there hell or heaven or both, or is it something totally different? This is just a story, maybe a dream, of the after life, this is not meant to offend anyone or anyone's religion… please enjoy


1. My death

My name is Zoe… I am a lonely girl, teenager, school smart and not street smart. I have a list of people I would meet if I could… this is the list: 

Martin Luther King Jr


Abraham Lincoln

oskar Schindler

I know it's a short list but I have taught myself to not dream big. Though I did have a list of places to go, things to try, things to experience. I stepped out of my room, walked down stairs, and put on dirty converse. I have a grey graphic tee (the graphics are red) and black skinny jeans. I stayed low, I have not ever been bullied but it is a major possibility so I keep a low profile. It's sad really, that I am this… this… unsecure unstable girl… *tears. 

I walk outside and as I cross the road I drop my bag. Everything spills out in the middle of the road! I pick up everything as fast as I can. I rush to the side of the road and then, just as I'm leaving I hear a little beep, from my phone, which is still in the middle of the road! "UGHHHHHHHHHH" I immediately run back into the road and then, blackness… 


I wake up in a strange big room that was bright white. Then I look at a corner, an old tv, antennas and all, was turning on, and then I saw it, I saw a girl running into the middle of the road. Me. Suddenly a semi zoomed down the road and beeped, but he beeped to late and the girl, me was killed. I was in heaven. 








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