Dear Payne

Erica wins a day with Liam Payne. She has a big secret that everyone knows about but Liam. Will he ever figure out?


1. Six Flags

6/8/13, 10:12pm. 
Dear Payne,
I have been waiting for this day for about 3 months! A store was holding a contest where you could win a chance to spend the day with Liam Payne, and guess what?! I won!!! Who would of thought a small town girl from Tennessee would have won?! Let me just start from the beginning....
       My alarm went off at 9:30am.  I woke up siked! I got up and put my long black hair in a waterfall braid, put on my purple t-shirt, and put on my jean shorts (I was going to see the one and only Liam Payne! I had to look decent.) Choosing where I wanted to go with you was a tough decision. Finally, I decided I wanted to take you to Six Flags, the best amusement park someone could go to! I was waiting outside for you to pick me up in the limo we were taking. It arrived around 10:45am. I opened the door to see your angel like face. I slid over next to you. "Hey, I'm Liam," you said quite shy. "I'm Erica," I said with a warm smile. You returned the smile, "Where are we going?" "Only to the best amusement park ever! Six Flags, silly!" I said. We chatted the whole the way there. There wasn't a pause or anything. We got there when there weren't any long lines. On our right was The Batman, on our left was Mr. Freeze. "Which one do you want to ride first, Batman or Mr. Freeze?" I asked, knowing that was the stupidest question I've ever asked. Your eyes widen with joy. "They have a Batman ride?!?!?!" you screamed. Everyone in the area stopped and stared at us like we were crazy. "I'm assuming you want to ride Batman first..." I giggled. Since I was with you, Liam, we got stopped a lot for pictures, but I was okay with it. After The Batman was the Superman, I didn't want to go on, but you convinced me to. "It'll be fun," you said, "I'll be right there." I finally gave in. We sat down and got buckled in, they lifted us up, and we sat there. Now The Superman is about a 205 feet tall. There are about 6 carts going up, four people to a cart. You go to the tippy top of it, and you have no idea when you when you are going to drop. 

The operators brought us to the top, and I squeezed my eyes shut. Remember how you intertwined your fingers with mine, and you squeezed my hand, reassuring me everything would be alright. I opened my eyes exactly when we dropped. I knew I shouldn't of opened them. It was worth it though. We got off the ride and headed for all the other roller coasters. 
After the day was done, we got ice cream. I say down at our table, and I noticed you were staring at me. "What...?" I asked. Without saying anything, you went up to the counter and asked for something. You brought back a napkin. You stuck your hand out and waited for me to take it. I noticed your Skype name was on it, so I decided to play a little joke on you. "I... I.. I can't take this..." I stuttered. "W-" you started to say with that puppy dog face. "Just kidding!!" I smiled. "Very funny. Now Skype me anytime," you said with a wink.

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